Thursday, 10 August 2017

Austerity and the law of unintended consequences

We have been suffering Austerity measures under the Conservative Government for what seems a life time. If my memory serves me right it was about 2010 when he first announced his plans to make drastic cuts to enable the deficit to be reduced. That sounds OK. but then somewhere down the line you start to feel the cuts and to coin a phrase "the pips squeak" The Oxford dictionary puts it nicely as Extract the maximum amount of money from someone.  Scratch out someone and insert nation.
In theory if you reduce the amount of money you are overspending and pay back debt you will be better off, as you know everyone loves a theory. Type that into google and you can hear your computer groan as all the results flood in 24 million give or take.
And thats what the Austerity theory does. Gives you hope that the books will be balanced as it takes cash out of the system. In theory everything would work out fine, GB PLC would become a leaner meaner working machine output would rise more people would be in work and those extra workers would be spending and paying taxes. This is where theory and reality become a bit blurred. Where are these new jobs coming from and how will the rest of GB afford to buy the resulting products from these new jobs. Undoubtedly a few new jobs would be blue chip A1 well paid jobs and generate a little to the Governments Taxation scheme. The rest of these jobs turned out to be ZERO HOURS low paid rubbish positions and they just about put food on the table and add nothing to the spending to buy the extra products produced by the extra workers. (Keep up there at the back I know its all a theory but please pretend you know what I am talking about)
Theory works fine in theory, but the rest of us down here at the coal face actually have to put up with the resulting problems that don't show their  head until long after the PIPS SQUEAK. For a long time the NHS has been underfunded and the cuts shouldn't hurt because of the ring fence on NHS funding. It gets as much money today as it did in 2008 when the financial crisis caused the need of George Osborne to dream up squeezing people pips and a brand new leaner meaner GB PLC. otherwise known as AUSTERITY. I am sure the very nice Mr Osborne and the equally nice Mr Cameron (I am being sarcastic) never saw what would happen. I call it the law of unintended consequences. They never set out to cripple the NHS with bed blocking but due to cuts to social security budgets mean no money for home helps to ensure the sick people can be cared for in the community. The consequences of the one percent wage rise for nurses mean people leaving and less nurses result in  longer waiting lists. Todays headlines read something like FOUR MILLION people waiting for planned care in hospital.
I can go on and hi-lite mental health problems, homelessness, people trafficking, sexual explotation, and countless other  things that are the direct result of AUSTERITY AND THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.
Thee two nice gentlemen I mentioned earlier are no longer in parliament if the were they may be feeling like the gun in the picture below was about to shoot them. Unfortunately that wont happen but the millions and millions of everday Joe Public's like myself feel the results of Austerity each and every day.

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