Friday, 16 June 2017

Will this put an end to the cruelty of austerity?

Well according to twitter which is the font of all knowledge the cladding on Grenfell tower block could have been fireproof at the extra cost of just five grand. The flammable panels cost just three pound per panel less than the fireproof ones! That's a saving of around fifty quid per flat. Now whether it is true or not is not the reason for this post. Austerity has hit each and everyone of us in some way or another. Austerity has stripped away each and every section of what we hold dear. Fire service police ambulances the list goes on.But the ones were if effects us personally everyday are the cuts to local authorities.
Social care is grabbing the headlines and quite rightly so. But our local authorities and county councils up and down the land have had huge amounts of government support ripped away from them and by government support I mean MONEY. Everything comes down to keeping costs down. Can you imagine the choice flammable or non flammable? The conversation agent something like this If we go for the less costly option it will save five thousand pounds per tower block. No one mentioned that the safety aspects just the potential savings. And conversations like that have been going on in every department in every service. Keep the costs down go for the cheapest option save a few quid here and save a few Bob there because people don't deserve to have the best or the safest just the cheapest!
We have seen it with contracts awarded to Ambulance services here in the South, within a few weeks the old supplier of Ambulance services had to take back the contract because the new cheaper supplier was so bad someone was going to die. But that is exactly what has happened in London, one of the most affluent of borough's has had to cut costs to be seen to save money. David Cameron and George Osbourne were the architects of the savage cuts and here we are now seven short years later reaping the consequence of AUSTERITY.

We are one of the richest counties in the western world and we are cutting services and resource' s to save a few quid. I think this mind set of the cheapest way will do is despicable and it must stop. We deserve better as a nation, as a rich nation we deserve to have the best. Not down to price but up to a standard should be the mantra.

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