Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Tory Farce continues

Yesterday I described the Conservatives as a Brian Rix farce. It would appear I was being prophetic. Today's Mirror newspaper headline read May the farce be with you. And had a picture of Theresa May impersonating the Star Wars Princess Leia. There was me describing her as the Queen of U turns. So maybe her current situation is really a prequel and like all good star wars filaments up with the baddies (in this case the Conservatives) being defeated by the goodies (Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn)

See I will have to become a script writer. And my script reads the DUP are unable to see the unsavoury coalition of horror into any meaningful conclusion, the Queen dismisses the Conservatives and appointments the Labour party to form a minority government. Jeremy Corbyn rescues the country from the Welsh and wobbly Conservatives and we all live happily ever after. Yeah as if! Still it has the plot and making of a good Brian Rix farce. I can see him now looking down looking at the situation and saying to other thespians "what a great plot that weak and wobbly Conservative government are messing with" but like all good theatrical writers he would have known FACT IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN FICTION when it come to a good story.

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