Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Are the Conservatives taking this seriously?

I am not sure that Theresa May and her crowd of cronies sitting round the table at number 10 are aware of the seriousness of the situation! On the news last night it seemed as if they were laughing at some Bertie Wooster jolly jape. You know all hockey sticks and jolly well done. The eyes of the world are upon us and very shortly those eyes will be streaming with tears of laugher. She has got the Conservatives into this mess and I will get you out of it she told the 1922 Committee.Wrong. She is only still there because no one has the balls to challenge her and do the right thing. Boris and now Gove would stab their own grandparents in the back to get into number ten so one wonders why they haven't made a move, in my opinion the don't hold out any hope for the DUP alliance. I must admit which ever way you look at it the situation looks bad. All I can do is look on in disgust at a political party that has become something akin to a Brian Rix Farce. 

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