Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Labour activists need to keep candidates in public eye

I know that the election has been and gone. The DUP have been bought, I hope they took the large envelope stuffed with used notes because the Conservatives are going to size up for a new leader ASAP. I imagine things will change at the top as soon as the summer recess is done and dusted. In the meantime I urge all Labour candidate's to get out and get yourselves in the paper on the local radio etc etc. Get Labour in voters hearts and mind's. There is no better time than now to start canvassing support. Go to play groups go to sure start centres go to local shopping centres. Call the local paper and give them a good news story. Phone your local radio and let them know what the local Labour party is doing. Get Labour on people's lips.

Monday, 26 June 2017

DUP Coalition Costs over a Billion Pounds

I am disgusted that the rubbish Prime Minister has propped up her tiny Majority with a deal set to cost over £1 Billion. Strange that she feels she is able to do this because the sharks are circling for her Job.She cannot stay as PM so I wonder what is going to happen? I predict another General Election before the years end but with my rate of being right on politics I dont expect anyone to be putting money on my predictions,

Friday, 23 June 2017

Brexit starts and I'm bored already

It has been a year already and they have only just started talking, I'm bored! And you know what, I don't care! I didn't want to leave and now let the brexiteers get there fill because I don't want a Tory Government and I wanted to remain. I know it is how democracy works but I have had my fill of it. Cameron and Osbourne and their austerity program never worked, it just made the rich richer, his quantitative easing has pushed us into the realm of fantasy. May has shot herself in the foot and after the fiasco of the election I think her leg has been amputated and she is using the foot as a dummy because every time she opens her mouth or tries to do anything she puts he foot in it. I am beginning to feel like a spectator to a weird version of the Hunger Games. The only saving grace is 8 don't live in America, can you imagine how bad Americans are feeling now. I don't mean the loons who voted Trump in I am talking about the sane ones, the must be thinking that the patient's are in charge of the asylum. So maybe things ain't quiet as bad here but I don't think it will be long before  our asylum is as bad after all May rushed of to Washington to press the flesh, what if the madness was passed by skin contact or maybe the Russians are actually in controlling and they are..... no even in this bored state I refuse to believe that Putin is really in charge of this mess. It takes a special kind of madness to let things get this bad! You know what I am thinking?
Yep the Daily Mail and its readers are going for world domination. I told you I was bored. Nite nite folks

Monday, 19 June 2017

Terrorism is wrong

I have been both shocked and appalled by all of the recent acts of terrorism. This narrow minded violence has no place here in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world. I doesn't matter if it's against black or white Muslims or Christians it's just so wrong. We live in a multi cultural society and as Jo Cox  said "We have more in common than that which divides us" they are not just empty words, this nation has been built on differences. The earliest nationalities were European then Romans Jews from Europe came here for sanctuary during the war years Jamaicans Ugandans and the list goes on. So for difference to cause the atrocity we are currently witnessing is madness. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Brexit negotiations about to start

So this lame duck government with its dead man walking Prime Minister is about to start the most important job in living memory. Good luck with that then!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Will this put an end to the cruelty of austerity?

Well according to twitter which is the font of all knowledge the cladding on Grenfell tower block could have been fireproof at the extra cost of just five grand. The flammable panels cost just three pound per panel less than the fireproof ones! That's a saving of around fifty quid per flat. Now whether it is true or not is not the reason for this post. Austerity has hit each and everyone of us in some way or another. Austerity has stripped away each and every section of what we hold dear. Fire service police ambulances the list goes on.But the ones were if effects us personally everyday are the cuts to local authorities.
Social care is grabbing the headlines and quite rightly so. But our local authorities and county councils up and down the land have had huge amounts of government support ripped away from them and by government support I mean MONEY. Everything comes down to keeping costs down. Can you imagine the choice flammable or non flammable? The conversation agent something like this If we go for the less costly option it will save five thousand pounds per tower block. No one mentioned that the safety aspects just the potential savings. And conversations like that have been going on in every department in every service. Keep the costs down go for the cheapest option save a few quid here and save a few Bob there because people don't deserve to have the best or the safest just the cheapest!
We have seen it with contracts awarded to Ambulance services here in the South, within a few weeks the old supplier of Ambulance services had to take back the contract because the new cheaper supplier was so bad someone was going to die. But that is exactly what has happened in London, one of the most affluent of borough's has had to cut costs to be seen to save money. David Cameron and George Osbourne were the architects of the savage cuts and here we are now seven short years later reaping the consequence of AUSTERITY.

We are one of the richest counties in the western world and we are cutting services and resource' s to save a few quid. I think this mind set of the cheapest way will do is despicable and it must stop. We deserve better as a nation, as a rich nation we deserve to have the best. Not down to price but up to a standard should be the mantra.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Tory Farce continues

Yesterday I described the Conservatives as a Brian Rix farce. It would appear I was being prophetic. Today's Mirror newspaper headline read May the farce be with you. And had a picture of Theresa May impersonating the Star Wars Princess Leia. There was me describing her as the Queen of U turns. So maybe her current situation is really a prequel and like all good star wars filaments up with the baddies (in this case the Conservatives) being defeated by the goodies (Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn)

See I will have to become a script writer. And my script reads the DUP are unable to see the unsavoury coalition of horror into any meaningful conclusion, the Queen dismisses the Conservatives and appointments the Labour party to form a minority government. Jeremy Corbyn rescues the country from the Welsh and wobbly Conservatives and we all live happily ever after. Yeah as if! Still it has the plot and making of a good Brian Rix farce. I can see him now looking down looking at the situation and saying to other thespians "what a great plot that weak and wobbly Conservative government are messing with" but like all good theatrical writers he would have known FACT IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN FICTION when it come to a good story.

Are the Conservatives taking this seriously?

I am not sure that Theresa May and her crowd of cronies sitting round the table at number 10 are aware of the seriousness of the situation! On the news last night it seemed as if they were laughing at some Bertie Wooster jolly jape. You know all hockey sticks and jolly well done. The eyes of the world are upon us and very shortly those eyes will be streaming with tears of laugher. She has got the Conservatives into this mess and I will get you out of it she told the 1922 Committee.Wrong. She is only still there because no one has the balls to challenge her and do the right thing. Boris and now Gove would stab their own grandparents in the back to get into number ten so one wonders why they haven't made a move, in my opinion the don't hold out any hope for the DUP alliance. I must admit which ever way you look at it the situation looks bad. All I can do is look on in disgust at a political party that has become something akin to a Brian Rix Farce. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Theresa May playing with fire

I have just woke up  and turned the radio on BBC radio four news and in the other hand browsing twitter! Everyone and their dog has a comment on the coalition of farce but here is a few from Twitter that have made me smile:-

If you want to know how useless May will be in deal-making on Brexit, look at her so-far botched, ill thought-through deal-making with DUP.

This idiocy must be stopped. May is playing with a blowtorch in a petrol station. Updated post. #GoodFridayAgreement…
Once Theresa May gets rid of human rights law, she can squat in No.10 to her heart's content (law of "adverse possession").
George Osborne called Theresa May a 'dead woman walking' and Twitter can't handle it
And on the radio the Today programme is all about Prime Minister May, a chap on coconut shy and a Tory MP all condemning her. Even the Tory newspapers are predicting a leadership challenge and even another election. Personally I don't think the coalition will be able to even get together and Jeremy Cornyn will be asked to present a coalition, but I have been wrong before.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Theresa May and the Bullying

I have read several articles about the Bullying that has gone on inside Downing Streets Number ten. I am of the opinion that the Bullies have not been unseen but Theresa May has chosen to allow it within the work place. Now I know that schools have anti bullying policies and most reputable work places would not condone this awful practice. So my thinking is if as it seems to be that Mrs May has been aware of this hideous practice within the highest office in the land she is culpable in ignoring it. I expect that the government has an anti bullying policy which Number 10 have been unable to stamp out.

Help against bullying

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Vote Labour

The last few days I have been promoting France Rehal the Labour Candidate for North Thanet
I have tweeted and done FB posts in the vane hope she can overturn a huge  15,000 majority. I dont expect her to win but stranger things have happened.