Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Save OUR NHS vote Labour on June 8

I hear and read stuff every day about the NHS everyday, you turn on the radio and someone is saying we have a nurse shortage, on TV the Royal College of Nursing have voted to strike for the first time every. Brexit will mean we have fewer EU nurses wanting and or able to come here and work yet The current Tory Government keep wanting to privatise chunks of our NHS to their mates. The only bits people will actually buy are the bits that are profitable private enterprise are in it for profit not for patients but the Tories keep awarding contract to their mates. Still we the public yes you and me can change the political horizon on June the 8th. Vote Labour. Yes I know that the beardie bloke will get in and he is a bit weird but he is the only one who can make a difference. We need something radical! not more of the same, we have just had nine years of austerity and in that time the public debt has actually risen and now stands at £1.73 trillion almost doubling under the years of austerity. DONT BELIEVE YOU I can hear you thinking to yourself. Read this about the National Debt Figures and look at the chart below.
National Debt has sored under austerity

VOTE. If everyone voted we could have real change

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