Friday, 19 May 2017

Labour closing gap on Theresa May

In the last few days Jeremy Cornyn has closed the gap on the nasty party, since the Conservative manifesto the gap has shrunk. Pensioners and home owners have decided years of austerity have been for nothing because the Tories have doubled the national debt in the last seven years and now having run up massive debt are spitefully attacking the elderly the disabled and home ownership. I could write on but my MS is making my legs hurt tonight and I need to rest so good night folks.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vote Labour here is 100 policies to change Britain

I've crammed Labour's 124 page manifesto into 1 graphic.  Please consider sharing for others.

Save OUR NHS vote Labour on June 8

I hear and read stuff every day about the NHS everyday, you turn on the radio and someone is saying we have a nurse shortage, on TV the Royal College of Nursing have voted to strike for the first time every. Brexit will mean we have fewer EU nurses wanting and or able to come here and work yet The current Tory Government keep wanting to privatise chunks of our NHS to their mates. The only bits people will actually buy are the bits that are profitable private enterprise are in it for profit not for patients but the Tories keep awarding contract to their mates. Still we the public yes you and me can change the political horizon on June the 8th. Vote Labour. Yes I know that the beardie bloke will get in and he is a bit weird but he is the only one who can make a difference. We need something radical! not more of the same, we have just had nine years of austerity and in that time the public debt has actually risen and now stands at £1.73 trillion almost doubling under the years of austerity. DONT BELIEVE YOU I can hear you thinking to yourself. Read this about the National Debt Figures and look at the chart below.
National Debt has sored under austerity

VOTE. If everyone voted we could have real change

Monday, 15 May 2017


Well the answer is simple.
Well the answer is simple

Friday, 12 May 2017

Why we must vote Labour on 8th June

Article cut from the Guardian
Read it all here

Why Corbyn-bashing liberals must vote Labour on 8 June

Forget Corbyn’s personality and his problems of “cut-through”. What is it about his policy proposals that progressives can dislike – especially now we have the leaked manifesto, with its pledges on rail nationalisation, workers’ rights and education? Many might prefer a Labour pledge to stay in Europe, but that would be electoral suicide given last year’s referendum result and where the party’s working-class base is right now.
The Liberal Democrats would reverse Brexit – which I would love too – but a vote for this party, which made no progress in last week’s local elections, would in effect be wasted. The party will have a maximum of 40 MPs after the election (and even that seems unlikely) and will in no way be able to keep a Conservative prime minister in check.
On tax, Labour will not touch the 95% of the workforce earning below £80,000. But by taking money from those high earners, and corporations too, it will give a cash injection to schools and the NHS. It will also build a million new homes, introduce a real living wage, and protect pensioners (most of whom are living on the breadline rather than living in mansions, as the popular stereotype would have you believe). I could go on.
The next four weeks will determine who runs the country for the next five years. We all know it’s very likely to be Theresa May, but there’s still a lot to play for – no one can tell how big her majority might be. If it’s under 40 then an opposition can hold her to account and put pressure to get the worst aspects of her agenda off the statute books.
But if progressives sit on their hands, and spend the next month whingeing about why they want another Labour leader, May could end up with a landslide – and her nasty, divisive politics will be embedded into our way of life. No, she’s not Le Pen, but five years is a very long time; imagine spending that period having to listen to endless stories of public services being slashed, of the growing numbers on low wages and zero-hours work, of Britain’s isolation from our closest neighbours, seeing more of May cosying up to Donald Trump (that state visit is still planned for the autumn).
It boils down to what kind of future you want to see for your country. If you think it’ll be a tough choice on 8 June then just think of France. Really, in truth, it’s all very simple

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Labour party in with a chance of turning the tables on May Corbyn for PM

I have been in bed most of this week, well three days out of five. My MS has knocked me even more sideways than usual. Today as normal I turned on or rather my wife tuned on the radio.  BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans wakes us up every week day. Labour has leaked its manifesto was the main news topic. Sounds okay to me but what do I know about politics? I am still feeling ill because we voted for Brexit, honestly I didn't see that coming, and before that I predicted Greece getting thrown out of the eurozone. So as you can see I am not a particularly good political pundit. I think that Theresa May would go to the country but I never blogged about it so I might have just been imagining things! No honestly I did think it but I did also think she got a free ticket to be Prime Minister why would she rock the boat.
Well the radio has been on and off all day long. I don't listen to Ken Bruce I cannot stand his voice. I listened to radio four at lunch time and then again for the PM news program at five. By then the leaks had been confirmed a a working draft and the real manifesto had been published. I turned to Twitter to see if I could put any meat on the bone so to speak and was met with hostile comment after hostile comment. People were likening the manifesto to the 1970's now what I remember of that time was the three day week and Dockers strikes and Some communist worker at British Leyland Red Robbo I think he was nicknamed. He actually did us a favour he single handedly stopped people being able to waste their money on some really awful cars. Mind you Ford's at that time were rubbish to.
Anyhow getting back to the Labour manifesto. What is there not to like about it? Back to free university education. I wish I had a better education! I got into a Twitter spat arguing that we don't need free parking in hospital's that to me is the only thing I dislike in the whole thing. People are paying six quid a gallon yet moan about a couple of quid parking. I could go on about hospital parking but I won't. I have a blue badge and park most places for free anyhow. So from an unelectable disliked leftie. Corbyn has done in my opinion a blooming good job. I would love to see him beat that Trump loving occupant of number 10 and give us all a slice of the pie. At the moment I am not even getting the crumbs but I believe in Cornyn and I have admired him and the quiet way he goes about things.  Conservatives have doubled the nation's debt yet say austerity is the way. Let me tell you it may soon be replaced by a Labour government and on my opinion that cannot happen to soon. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Disabled Who do I vote for? Have you even registered yet?

With the General Election only a few weeks away I know that many people have not bothered to register to vote yet. Now I could go on about all the reasons why you should vote but in all honesty I don't care if you vote or not. I am More concerned about me. I am disabled and can no longer walk, I am in my wheelchair all day and to be honest I am worried about the negativity towards the disabled. People seem to reguard people like myself as spongers, out to get something for nothing. We my multiple sclerosis was free and it has robbed  of most of my bodily functions and I can say I would rather have my body back and be working rather than sitting in a wheelchair in pain and discomfort.
But whatever happens in the General Election I will still be disabled and I will worry about the future. The Tory party seem to be running a vendetta against people who claim disability benefits so I feel that I am between a rock and a hard place.  Turkey's wouldn't vote for Christmas so I won't vote for persecution.

I read somewhere that if all the people who don't bother to vote actually get out and vote things could change but that won't happen so I am voting for Christmas and I want to be stuffed with Paxo Sage and onion.

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Local elections over

Well now the local elections are over we have the General Election to come YIPPEE,can you tell I a so excited? Another four weeks of crap. This is eating into the brexit negotiating time. Two years won't be long enough unless it good rushed in which case guess who the winner will be? Let me give you a clue, it won't be the little guy. Of course the EU could roll over and say yes have whatever you want. Can't see it myself but hey what do I know? I am the one who predicted Greece getting chucked out. I am fed up with brexit and it hasn't begun yet.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bored with Brexit

Anyone else out there bored with the endlessly posturing and puffing of the Conservatives over Brexit? They are all full of their own self importance and are looking ridiculous. It seems certain we will have another Conservative government  and I assume the nastiness is to show they would be up for the job but in my experience of sales big and brash don't work it is the quiet ones who get on with the job. It is almost a year since the Brexit vote and we still know nothing. I AM BORED WITH IT ALL.