Thursday, 27 April 2017


Well what will happen to the EU next?  Is it fractured and breaking apart? I wrote about how I thought it would be destabilizing after the Greek debacle and that it would lead to problems but it has been all quite on that front lately. Here in the UK brexit has taken centre stage and now exited stage right and is waiting in the wings until we have our general election. France has got its own election and it won't be long before Germany's elections come round. Life just carries on one problem to the next. The Americans are under new ownership and that causes trade problems, Russia keeps chipping away at the world's stability. Israel has upset it's neighbours again, North Korea is filibustering over its arms race Saudi's are doing stuff but no one wants to tell them don't do that. India is growning more powerful and Afghanistan's troubles show no sign of abating. I could go on but you get the idea. Peace in our time?
Be jiggered there will be. Every week see's another conflict some where less and less stability and to adlib the words of a television advertising "we have more and more connectivity but less interconnectivity" the word is smaller because of the internet and mobile phones, but we are further and further apart.
Trump seems to be running the USA via Twitter and I expect him to declare war in 140 characters or less. I am old enough to remember Miss World contestants saying what they wanted to do would all answer "I want to travel and to see world peace" FAT CHANCE of that happening.

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