Friday, 28 April 2017

Things must be bad, house prices have fallen

Today's news is GDP shrinking and house prices are falling. Not a lot but house prices have fallen for two consecutive months and if that's how you judge the bigger picture then one more month of shrinkage and house prices are into recession. When it comes to the economic outlook recession may well soon be on the cards. In the USA they are getting the Trump Bump. The rust belt area is seeing a renaissance but I doubt it will last and likewise here the pound has lost around twenty per cent of pre referendum value. So we are enjoying a period of unusual trade but imports are now that much more expensive and given that price rises are only just feeding in soon the jaws of inflation will start to tighten. Then the problems will start. I remember the 1970's and whilst we don't have the industrial base we had then people will start to feel the pain and I expect strikes for more wages not this winter but next. We may have a different and somewhat braver New world but some things don't change.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Well what will happen to the EU next?  Is it fractured and breaking apart? I wrote about how I thought it would be destabilizing after the Greek debacle and that it would lead to problems but it has been all quite on that front lately. Here in the UK brexit has taken centre stage and now exited stage right and is waiting in the wings until we have our general election. France has got its own election and it won't be long before Germany's elections come round. Life just carries on one problem to the next. The Americans are under new ownership and that causes trade problems, Russia keeps chipping away at the world's stability. Israel has upset it's neighbours again, North Korea is filibustering over its arms race Saudi's are doing stuff but no one wants to tell them don't do that. India is growning more powerful and Afghanistan's troubles show no sign of abating. I could go on but you get the idea. Peace in our time?
Be jiggered there will be. Every week see's another conflict some where less and less stability and to adlib the words of a television advertising "we have more and more connectivity but less interconnectivity" the word is smaller because of the internet and mobile phones, but we are further and further apart.
Trump seems to be running the USA via Twitter and I expect him to declare war in 140 characters or less. I am old enough to remember Miss World contestants saying what they wanted to do would all answer "I want to travel and to see world peace" FAT CHANCE of that happening.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Who do I vote for? I never wanted Brexit!

I still find it extremely hard actually believing that the referendum voted for Brexit. I never thought as a nation we were so messed up to believe the lies and half truths peddled by Boris and Gove. Even with rough calculations done in my head I could see through their calculations but I now have to vote in this general election. But who do I vote for? Here in Margate we have had Roger Gale representing us for years, I once drove home from working in Portsmouth to vote and that was near on thirty years ago. But North Thanet has remained true blue so I doubt anything is going to differ this time. But the question still remains who do I allocate my cross to?

Corbyn has proposed some tasty morsels today and of course I want nurse's and midwives to get more money and as for free school dinner "yes" I cry, but then I remember there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH! All these things being bandied about will have a cost.
I know that they can be misleading after all sound bites mean nothing and abandoning them has never worried thick skinned politicians before so it all comes down to either who do you trust or deep rooted party loyalties. Well I am failing on both of those point's so who do I give my X to?

Monday, 24 April 2017

Green party reply to my email

With the local elections coming up in a few days I decided to see what the local candidates were like. I went online (what did we do before the W.W.W) wll the long and short of it is that I shot off a couple of emails and the only person to have so far relied to me is the Green Party Candidate. So I would like to say thanks to Tricia Hartley Branch Secretary Thanet Green Party.
 As for the others lets wait and see.