Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UKIP in fourth place

Those of you that know me will not be surprised when I say that I spend  a lot of time on Twitter. Earlier tonight I read a tweet  that someone posted stating UKIP had gone into fourth position in the polls. My response to the tweet was to reply that in my opinion they had always been in fourth place. They to me are an extension of Nigel Farrage' s little Britain thinking. And Farrage is a fourth rate free loader. His modus operandi has been to milk the EU of every penny he could whilst railing against it. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you! I must say he actually scared Cameron into calling the referendum. And I truly think Cameron was scared of UKIP it seemed that the nation had become faintly racist and I must say I can be mildly racist myself in the right company, I will share a joke in the pub about the Bishop and the Pole.
 Cameron misstook everyone's latent deep buried insular looking vision for a longing rather than the little Englander living in US all. This has been seen to be a worldwide phenomenon Europe has its far right Fascists Turkey Russia and now the good old US of A has show itself to be self centred and insular. When I say insular I mean just that. The Americans are fighting against everyone Mexican Chinese and even European' s. Trump is the number one self protection seeking proponent of hate everyone and trust no one. His form of self promotion is Twitter so maybe we have something in common. I love Twitter but I dislike the Brexit.

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