Saturday, 18 February 2017

Is Donald Trump really a Fake President?

Trumps lies being blown away
It was put to me that all of the rants and tweets about Fake News being done by Donald Trump are to cover up that he is the real fake in all of this chaos. Trump hasn't been in office for a month yet but his fine tuned machine has developed so many faults they cannot get spare parts fast enough and then engine is only firing on six out of eight cylinders at best. Donald Trump needs to be loved and he needs adoration so much so he has called a rally in Florida tonight to massage his own ego. He hates bad ratings and needs to see he is top of the bill. Not sure that a rally of old and geriatric trumpettes is the best way to massage his ego but it obviously works for him. Rather than getting on with being President he decides to go for ratings after all when your ego is bruised you need a bit of TCL.
I can't be the only person to have wondered when he is going to stop all of this filibustering and do something, anything other than point the blame to someone else. It's the press it's immigrants it's Muslim' s it's Mexican' s it the court's. You start to see a pattern emerging? Me to, it's everyone else other than Donald Trump. 

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