Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bercow oppositition sounds like Tories kowtowing to Trump

John Bercow raised himself in my eyes yesterday. Previously he has been like wallpaper, there but not noticed. So when he actually said what most of the country is thinking members of the Conservative party have been swift to berate him. WHY?? He is unlike Theresa May and fawning of Trump he is recognising Trump for the Fascist he is. He thinks he can run roughshod over anything and anyone but the humble Mr Bercow has publicly given him a small amount of comeuppance. Trump is very  fragile when it comes to criticism. The people who are railing against  what Bercow has said need to look inside themselves because they will be coming up for  re election at some stage and the people who gave them the job can also  take it away and we actually have an unelected prime minister who may well have to call an election before 2020

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