Thursday, 23 November 2017

The day after the Budget

Well did the budget make the earth move? Nope I didn't feel it either! The real winners in cash terms are higher rate tax payers tax allowance benefits higher ratepayers by £340 a year with basic rate band £70 better off and universal credit recipients better by just 50p per week. So no great thingsto save the UK as we plunge towards brexit. His cut in tax allowance show he is appealing to higher rate tax payers and those in the Conservative voting heartlands. In all honesty he showd his real colours because if we are all in it together why not make everyones increase the same? But no it is more of the rich getting richer and the Poor doffing their caps as a copper or two  is handed to them to appease his conscience   I have linked to a dictionary for the benefit of any Tories that read this far

I know you will know what it means but I thought after yesterdays buget you needed reminding. The country seems to be in a state of shock as no one can believe how little has actu,ally been done to save the country from the recession we are heading toewards. Downturn and Brexit are the perfect ingrediants  and after yesterday I feel Hammond knows it to.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Budget 2017 are we heading for a recession?

I always try and talk things up rether than down. My other blog Promote Thanet was started just because someone had started a blog knoking every aspect of Thanet. I also have a twitter account promoting Thanet. Basicly I would rather not put something down but try and find the good in it. But try as I might todays budget is all about headlines and Philip Hammond has not done anything to help the UK. I feel that when he said the growth forecast is lowhe was talking it up not beinng entirely truthful. UK PLC is heading for a rough few tears and the "R" word is heading in our direction. When you look back over the last fity years we have had boom and bust and while we have hardly had a recent boom we have all off the ingrediants for a bust and with the deadline for Brexit looming large and no serious negotiations or deals on the table I have a feeling something is about to hit the fan.

Tomorrows Guardian had the R word I have pinched this snippet from the article Even so, debt will remain at double its level before the financial crisis, rather too high for comfort were the UK to plunge back into recession over the coming years. It is worth noting that there has been a recession in every decade since the 1970s.

I rest my case and that is from someone who likes to see the glass as half full

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bored with Brexit so can we call it off

I for one am up to my eyeteeth with all the rubbish over Brexit. He said this she said that No one is talking about that etc. etc. How about we call the whole thing off!!!
Fred and Ginger did how about Theresa and David

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Roll on 5th September Parliament returns

The title of this post should be taken with a pinch of salt. The summer recess (posh term for holidays) ends and the rag tag bag of MP'S return to sort out the country and lead the nation into the  great unknown of post brexit. I never wanted to leave the EU so I am obviously being sarcastic about the subject. The MP's set to deliver us safely out of the European Market are in disarray no one has any idea of how to go about negotiation with people who once were our allies but are now almost our worst enemies. The pound is set to drop like a stone, we have already lost some 16% since the vote for Brexit.
There are so many variables in the run up to Brexit the strength of the sitting Government (weak and cobbled together with DUP) the strength of the opposition and I am not talking LibDems or UKIP. Jeremy Corbyn is in a great position to become the next prime minister. All I can tell you is the next six months could be very interesting and I for one am waiting for September 5th.

Friday, 11 August 2017

House prices falling, start of another winter of discontent?

Evidently there is a slow down in the housing market, it started in London and is radiating out from there. I am watching Homes under the Hammer as I write this post and cannot get the word recession out of my head. Is the decline in the housing market a sign off something much worse. I am old enough to have lived through four recessions and they all  started from small beginnings. We have  some  inflationary things  in the mix plus a government that has no real majority. The markets get very jittery when things are unstable, add Brexit into the equation and  maybe  the fuse  has be lit. Parliament returns after the summer recess   on September 5th. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party will have their attack dogs set to inflict pain upon the weakened Theresa May and her rag tag of buffons. This winter could have the making of another WINTER OF DISCONTENT but with different players. We already have a Bin collection strike in Birmingham and I can remember the 1978 binmen strikes. Then is heralded the new dawn of Conservatism and Margaret Thatcher so maybe we could see the dawn of a new era when people see that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party could be the tonic we have all been waiting for.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Austerity and the law of unintended consequences

We have been suffering Austerity measures under the Conservative Government for what seems a life time. If my memory serves me right it was about 2010 when he first announced his plans to make drastic cuts to enable the deficit to be reduced. That sounds OK. but then somewhere down the line you start to feel the cuts and to coin a phrase "the pips squeak" The Oxford dictionary puts it nicely as Extract the maximum amount of money from someone.  Scratch out someone and insert nation.
In theory if you reduce the amount of money you are overspending and pay back debt you will be better off, as you know everyone loves a theory. Type that into google and you can hear your computer groan as all the results flood in 24 million give or take.
And thats what the Austerity theory does. Gives you hope that the books will be balanced as it takes cash out of the system. In theory everything would work out fine, GB PLC would become a leaner meaner working machine output would rise more people would be in work and those extra workers would be spending and paying taxes. This is where theory and reality become a bit blurred. Where are these new jobs coming from and how will the rest of GB afford to buy the resulting products from these new jobs. Undoubtedly a few new jobs would be blue chip A1 well paid jobs and generate a little to the Governments Taxation scheme. The rest of these jobs turned out to be ZERO HOURS low paid rubbish positions and they just about put food on the table and add nothing to the spending to buy the extra products produced by the extra workers. (Keep up there at the back I know its all a theory but please pretend you know what I am talking about)
Theory works fine in theory, but the rest of us down here at the coal face actually have to put up with the resulting problems that don't show their  head until long after the PIPS SQUEAK. For a long time the NHS has been underfunded and the cuts shouldn't hurt because of the ring fence on NHS funding. It gets as much money today as it did in 2008 when the financial crisis caused the need of George Osborne to dream up squeezing people pips and a brand new leaner meaner GB PLC. otherwise known as AUSTERITY. I am sure the very nice Mr Osborne and the equally nice Mr Cameron (I am being sarcastic) never saw what would happen. I call it the law of unintended consequences. They never set out to cripple the NHS with bed blocking but due to cuts to social security budgets mean no money for home helps to ensure the sick people can be cared for in the community. The consequences of the one percent wage rise for nurses mean people leaving and less nurses result in  longer waiting lists. Todays headlines read something like FOUR MILLION people waiting for planned care in hospital.
I can go on and hi-lite mental health problems, homelessness, people trafficking, sexual explotation, and countless other  things that are the direct result of AUSTERITY AND THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.
Thee two nice gentlemen I mentioned earlier are no longer in parliament if the were they may be feeling like the gun in the picture below was about to shoot them. Unfortunately that wont happen but the millions and millions of everday Joe Public's like myself feel the results of Austerity each and every day.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Labour activists need to keep candidates in public eye

I know that the election has been and gone. The DUP have been bought, I hope they took the large envelope stuffed with used notes because the Conservatives are going to size up for a new leader ASAP. I imagine things will change at the top as soon as the summer recess is done and dusted. In the meantime I urge all Labour candidate's to get out and get yourselves in the paper on the local radio etc etc. Get Labour in voters hearts and mind's. There is no better time than now to start canvassing support. Go to play groups go to sure start centres go to local shopping centres. Call the local paper and give them a good news story. Phone your local radio and let them know what the local Labour party is doing. Get Labour on people's lips.

Monday, 26 June 2017

DUP Coalition Costs over a Billion Pounds

I am disgusted that the rubbish Prime Minister has propped up her tiny Majority with a deal set to cost over £1 Billion. Strange that she feels she is able to do this because the sharks are circling for her Job.She cannot stay as PM so I wonder what is going to happen? I predict another General Election before the years end but with my rate of being right on politics I dont expect anyone to be putting money on my predictions,

Friday, 23 June 2017

Brexit starts and I'm bored already

It has been a year already and they have only just started talking, I'm bored! And you know what, I don't care! I didn't want to leave and now let the brexiteers get there fill because I don't want a Tory Government and I wanted to remain. I know it is how democracy works but I have had my fill of it. Cameron and Osbourne and their austerity program never worked, it just made the rich richer, his quantitative easing has pushed us into the realm of fantasy. May has shot herself in the foot and after the fiasco of the election I think her leg has been amputated and she is using the foot as a dummy because every time she opens her mouth or tries to do anything she puts he foot in it. I am beginning to feel like a spectator to a weird version of the Hunger Games. The only saving grace is 8 don't live in America, can you imagine how bad Americans are feeling now. I don't mean the loons who voted Trump in I am talking about the sane ones, the must be thinking that the patient's are in charge of the asylum. So maybe things ain't quiet as bad here but I don't think it will be long before  our asylum is as bad after all May rushed of to Washington to press the flesh, what if the madness was passed by skin contact or maybe the Russians are actually in controlling and they are..... no even in this bored state I refuse to believe that Putin is really in charge of this mess. It takes a special kind of madness to let things get this bad! You know what I am thinking?
Yep the Daily Mail and its readers are going for world domination. I told you I was bored. Nite nite folks

Monday, 19 June 2017

Terrorism is wrong

I have been both shocked and appalled by all of the recent acts of terrorism. This narrow minded violence has no place here in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world. I doesn't matter if it's against black or white Muslims or Christians it's just so wrong. We live in a multi cultural society and as Jo Cox  said "We have more in common than that which divides us" they are not just empty words, this nation has been built on differences. The earliest nationalities were European then Romans Jews from Europe came here for sanctuary during the war years Jamaicans Ugandans and the list goes on. So for difference to cause the atrocity we are currently witnessing is madness. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Brexit negotiations about to start

So this lame duck government with its dead man walking Prime Minister is about to start the most important job in living memory. Good luck with that then!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Will this put an end to the cruelty of austerity?

Well according to twitter which is the font of all knowledge the cladding on Grenfell tower block could have been fireproof at the extra cost of just five grand. The flammable panels cost just three pound per panel less than the fireproof ones! That's a saving of around fifty quid per flat. Now whether it is true or not is not the reason for this post. Austerity has hit each and everyone of us in some way or another. Austerity has stripped away each and every section of what we hold dear. Fire service police ambulances the list goes on.But the ones were if effects us personally everyday are the cuts to local authorities.
Social care is grabbing the headlines and quite rightly so. But our local authorities and county councils up and down the land have had huge amounts of government support ripped away from them and by government support I mean MONEY. Everything comes down to keeping costs down. Can you imagine the choice flammable or non flammable? The conversation agent something like this If we go for the less costly option it will save five thousand pounds per tower block. No one mentioned that the safety aspects just the potential savings. And conversations like that have been going on in every department in every service. Keep the costs down go for the cheapest option save a few quid here and save a few Bob there because people don't deserve to have the best or the safest just the cheapest!
We have seen it with contracts awarded to Ambulance services here in the South, within a few weeks the old supplier of Ambulance services had to take back the contract because the new cheaper supplier was so bad someone was going to die. But that is exactly what has happened in London, one of the most affluent of borough's has had to cut costs to be seen to save money. David Cameron and George Osbourne were the architects of the savage cuts and here we are now seven short years later reaping the consequence of AUSTERITY.

We are one of the richest counties in the western world and we are cutting services and resource' s to save a few quid. I think this mind set of the cheapest way will do is despicable and it must stop. We deserve better as a nation, as a rich nation we deserve to have the best. Not down to price but up to a standard should be the mantra.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Tory Farce continues

Yesterday I described the Conservatives as a Brian Rix farce. It would appear I was being prophetic. Today's Mirror newspaper headline read May the farce be with you. And had a picture of Theresa May impersonating the Star Wars Princess Leia. There was me describing her as the Queen of U turns. So maybe her current situation is really a prequel and like all good star wars filaments up with the baddies (in this case the Conservatives) being defeated by the goodies (Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn)

See I will have to become a script writer. And my script reads the DUP are unable to see the unsavoury coalition of horror into any meaningful conclusion, the Queen dismisses the Conservatives and appointments the Labour party to form a minority government. Jeremy Corbyn rescues the country from the Welsh and wobbly Conservatives and we all live happily ever after. Yeah as if! Still it has the plot and making of a good Brian Rix farce. I can see him now looking down looking at the situation and saying to other thespians "what a great plot that weak and wobbly Conservative government are messing with" but like all good theatrical writers he would have known FACT IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN FICTION when it come to a good story.

Are the Conservatives taking this seriously?

I am not sure that Theresa May and her crowd of cronies sitting round the table at number 10 are aware of the seriousness of the situation! On the news last night it seemed as if they were laughing at some Bertie Wooster jolly jape. You know all hockey sticks and jolly well done. The eyes of the world are upon us and very shortly those eyes will be streaming with tears of laugher. She has got the Conservatives into this mess and I will get you out of it she told the 1922 Committee.Wrong. She is only still there because no one has the balls to challenge her and do the right thing. Boris and now Gove would stab their own grandparents in the back to get into number ten so one wonders why they haven't made a move, in my opinion the don't hold out any hope for the DUP alliance. I must admit which ever way you look at it the situation looks bad. All I can do is look on in disgust at a political party that has become something akin to a Brian Rix Farce. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Theresa May playing with fire

I have just woke up  and turned the radio on BBC radio four news and in the other hand browsing twitter! Everyone and their dog has a comment on the coalition of farce but here is a few from Twitter that have made me smile:-

If you want to know how useless May will be in deal-making on Brexit, look at her so-far botched, ill thought-through deal-making with DUP.

This idiocy must be stopped. May is playing with a blowtorch in a petrol station. Updated post. #GoodFridayAgreement…
Once Theresa May gets rid of human rights law, she can squat in No.10 to her heart's content (law of "adverse possession").
George Osborne called Theresa May a 'dead woman walking' and Twitter can't handle it
And on the radio the Today programme is all about Prime Minister May, a chap on coconut shy and a Tory MP all condemning her. Even the Tory newspapers are predicting a leadership challenge and even another election. Personally I don't think the coalition will be able to even get together and Jeremy Cornyn will be asked to present a coalition, but I have been wrong before.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Theresa May and the Bullying

I have read several articles about the Bullying that has gone on inside Downing Streets Number ten. I am of the opinion that the Bullies have not been unseen but Theresa May has chosen to allow it within the work place. Now I know that schools have anti bullying policies and most reputable work places would not condone this awful practice. So my thinking is if as it seems to be that Mrs May has been aware of this hideous practice within the highest office in the land she is culpable in ignoring it. I expect that the government has an anti bullying policy which Number 10 have been unable to stamp out.

Help against bullying

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Vote Labour

The last few days I have been promoting France Rehal the Labour Candidate for North Thanet
I have tweeted and done FB posts in the vane hope she can overturn a huge  15,000 majority. I dont expect her to win but stranger things have happened.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Labour closing gap on Theresa May

In the last few days Jeremy Cornyn has closed the gap on the nasty party, since the Conservative manifesto the gap has shrunk. Pensioners and home owners have decided years of austerity have been for nothing because the Tories have doubled the national debt in the last seven years and now having run up massive debt are spitefully attacking the elderly the disabled and home ownership. I could write on but my MS is making my legs hurt tonight and I need to rest so good night folks.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vote Labour here is 100 policies to change Britain

I've crammed Labour's 124 page manifesto into 1 graphic.  Please consider sharing for others.

Save OUR NHS vote Labour on June 8

I hear and read stuff every day about the NHS everyday, you turn on the radio and someone is saying we have a nurse shortage, on TV the Royal College of Nursing have voted to strike for the first time every. Brexit will mean we have fewer EU nurses wanting and or able to come here and work yet The current Tory Government keep wanting to privatise chunks of our NHS to their mates. The only bits people will actually buy are the bits that are profitable private enterprise are in it for profit not for patients but the Tories keep awarding contract to their mates. Still we the public yes you and me can change the political horizon on June the 8th. Vote Labour. Yes I know that the beardie bloke will get in and he is a bit weird but he is the only one who can make a difference. We need something radical! not more of the same, we have just had nine years of austerity and in that time the public debt has actually risen and now stands at £1.73 trillion almost doubling under the years of austerity. DONT BELIEVE YOU I can hear you thinking to yourself. Read this about the National Debt Figures and look at the chart below.
National Debt has sored under austerity

VOTE. If everyone voted we could have real change

Monday, 15 May 2017


Well the answer is simple.
Well the answer is simple

Friday, 12 May 2017

Why we must vote Labour on 8th June

Article cut from the Guardian
Read it all here

Why Corbyn-bashing liberals must vote Labour on 8 June

Forget Corbyn’s personality and his problems of “cut-through”. What is it about his policy proposals that progressives can dislike – especially now we have the leaked manifesto, with its pledges on rail nationalisation, workers’ rights and education? Many might prefer a Labour pledge to stay in Europe, but that would be electoral suicide given last year’s referendum result and where the party’s working-class base is right now.
The Liberal Democrats would reverse Brexit – which I would love too – but a vote for this party, which made no progress in last week’s local elections, would in effect be wasted. The party will have a maximum of 40 MPs after the election (and even that seems unlikely) and will in no way be able to keep a Conservative prime minister in check.
On tax, Labour will not touch the 95% of the workforce earning below £80,000. But by taking money from those high earners, and corporations too, it will give a cash injection to schools and the NHS. It will also build a million new homes, introduce a real living wage, and protect pensioners (most of whom are living on the breadline rather than living in mansions, as the popular stereotype would have you believe). I could go on.
The next four weeks will determine who runs the country for the next five years. We all know it’s very likely to be Theresa May, but there’s still a lot to play for – no one can tell how big her majority might be. If it’s under 40 then an opposition can hold her to account and put pressure to get the worst aspects of her agenda off the statute books.
But if progressives sit on their hands, and spend the next month whingeing about why they want another Labour leader, May could end up with a landslide – and her nasty, divisive politics will be embedded into our way of life. No, she’s not Le Pen, but five years is a very long time; imagine spending that period having to listen to endless stories of public services being slashed, of the growing numbers on low wages and zero-hours work, of Britain’s isolation from our closest neighbours, seeing more of May cosying up to Donald Trump (that state visit is still planned for the autumn).
It boils down to what kind of future you want to see for your country. If you think it’ll be a tough choice on 8 June then just think of France. Really, in truth, it’s all very simple

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Labour party in with a chance of turning the tables on May Corbyn for PM

I have been in bed most of this week, well three days out of five. My MS has knocked me even more sideways than usual. Today as normal I turned on or rather my wife tuned on the radio.  BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans wakes us up every week day. Labour has leaked its manifesto was the main news topic. Sounds okay to me but what do I know about politics? I am still feeling ill because we voted for Brexit, honestly I didn't see that coming, and before that I predicted Greece getting thrown out of the eurozone. So as you can see I am not a particularly good political pundit. I think that Theresa May would go to the country but I never blogged about it so I might have just been imagining things! No honestly I did think it but I did also think she got a free ticket to be Prime Minister why would she rock the boat.
Well the radio has been on and off all day long. I don't listen to Ken Bruce I cannot stand his voice. I listened to radio four at lunch time and then again for the PM news program at five. By then the leaks had been confirmed a a working draft and the real manifesto had been published. I turned to Twitter to see if I could put any meat on the bone so to speak and was met with hostile comment after hostile comment. People were likening the manifesto to the 1970's now what I remember of that time was the three day week and Dockers strikes and Some communist worker at British Leyland Red Robbo I think he was nicknamed. He actually did us a favour he single handedly stopped people being able to waste their money on some really awful cars. Mind you Ford's at that time were rubbish to.
Anyhow getting back to the Labour manifesto. What is there not to like about it? Back to free university education. I wish I had a better education! I got into a Twitter spat arguing that we don't need free parking in hospital's that to me is the only thing I dislike in the whole thing. People are paying six quid a gallon yet moan about a couple of quid parking. I could go on about hospital parking but I won't. I have a blue badge and park most places for free anyhow. So from an unelectable disliked leftie. Corbyn has done in my opinion a blooming good job. I would love to see him beat that Trump loving occupant of number 10 and give us all a slice of the pie. At the moment I am not even getting the crumbs but I believe in Cornyn and I have admired him and the quiet way he goes about things.  Conservatives have doubled the nation's debt yet say austerity is the way. Let me tell you it may soon be replaced by a Labour government and on my opinion that cannot happen to soon. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Disabled Who do I vote for? Have you even registered yet?

With the General Election only a few weeks away I know that many people have not bothered to register to vote yet. Now I could go on about all the reasons why you should vote but in all honesty I don't care if you vote or not. I am More concerned about me. I am disabled and can no longer walk, I am in my wheelchair all day and to be honest I am worried about the negativity towards the disabled. People seem to reguard people like myself as spongers, out to get something for nothing. We my multiple sclerosis was free and it has robbed  of most of my bodily functions and I can say I would rather have my body back and be working rather than sitting in a wheelchair in pain and discomfort.
But whatever happens in the General Election I will still be disabled and I will worry about the future. The Tory party seem to be running a vendetta against people who claim disability benefits so I feel that I am between a rock and a hard place.  Turkey's wouldn't vote for Christmas so I won't vote for persecution.

I read somewhere that if all the people who don't bother to vote actually get out and vote things could change but that won't happen so I am voting for Christmas and I want to be stuffed with Paxo Sage and onion.

Add caption

Local elections over

Well now the local elections are over we have the General Election to come YIPPEE,can you tell I a so excited? Another four weeks of crap. This is eating into the brexit negotiating time. Two years won't be long enough unless it good rushed in which case guess who the winner will be? Let me give you a clue, it won't be the little guy. Of course the EU could roll over and say yes have whatever you want. Can't see it myself but hey what do I know? I am the one who predicted Greece getting chucked out. I am fed up with brexit and it hasn't begun yet.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bored with Brexit

Anyone else out there bored with the endlessly posturing and puffing of the Conservatives over Brexit? They are all full of their own self importance and are looking ridiculous. It seems certain we will have another Conservative government  and I assume the nastiness is to show they would be up for the job but in my experience of sales big and brash don't work it is the quiet ones who get on with the job. It is almost a year since the Brexit vote and we still know nothing. I AM BORED WITH IT ALL.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Things must be bad, house prices have fallen

Today's news is GDP shrinking and house prices are falling. Not a lot but house prices have fallen for two consecutive months and if that's how you judge the bigger picture then one more month of shrinkage and house prices are into recession. When it comes to the economic outlook recession may well soon be on the cards. In the USA they are getting the Trump Bump. The rust belt area is seeing a renaissance but I doubt it will last and likewise here the pound has lost around twenty per cent of pre referendum value. So we are enjoying a period of unusual trade but imports are now that much more expensive and given that price rises are only just feeding in soon the jaws of inflation will start to tighten. Then the problems will start. I remember the 1970's and whilst we don't have the industrial base we had then people will start to feel the pain and I expect strikes for more wages not this winter but next. We may have a different and somewhat braver New world but some things don't change.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Well what will happen to the EU next?  Is it fractured and breaking apart? I wrote about how I thought it would be destabilizing after the Greek debacle and that it would lead to problems but it has been all quite on that front lately. Here in the UK brexit has taken centre stage and now exited stage right and is waiting in the wings until we have our general election. France has got its own election and it won't be long before Germany's elections come round. Life just carries on one problem to the next. The Americans are under new ownership and that causes trade problems, Russia keeps chipping away at the world's stability. Israel has upset it's neighbours again, North Korea is filibustering over its arms race Saudi's are doing stuff but no one wants to tell them don't do that. India is growning more powerful and Afghanistan's troubles show no sign of abating. I could go on but you get the idea. Peace in our time?
Be jiggered there will be. Every week see's another conflict some where less and less stability and to adlib the words of a television advertising "we have more and more connectivity but less interconnectivity" the word is smaller because of the internet and mobile phones, but we are further and further apart.
Trump seems to be running the USA via Twitter and I expect him to declare war in 140 characters or less. I am old enough to remember Miss World contestants saying what they wanted to do would all answer "I want to travel and to see world peace" FAT CHANCE of that happening.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Who do I vote for? I never wanted Brexit!

I still find it extremely hard actually believing that the referendum voted for Brexit. I never thought as a nation we were so messed up to believe the lies and half truths peddled by Boris and Gove. Even with rough calculations done in my head I could see through their calculations but I now have to vote in this general election. But who do I vote for? Here in Margate we have had Roger Gale representing us for years, I once drove home from working in Portsmouth to vote and that was near on thirty years ago. But North Thanet has remained true blue so I doubt anything is going to differ this time. But the question still remains who do I allocate my cross to?

Corbyn has proposed some tasty morsels today and of course I want nurse's and midwives to get more money and as for free school dinner "yes" I cry, but then I remember there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH! All these things being bandied about will have a cost.
I know that they can be misleading after all sound bites mean nothing and abandoning them has never worried thick skinned politicians before so it all comes down to either who do you trust or deep rooted party loyalties. Well I am failing on both of those point's so who do I give my X to?

Monday, 24 April 2017

Green party reply to my email

With the local elections coming up in a few days I decided to see what the local candidates were like. I went online (what did we do before the W.W.W) wll the long and short of it is that I shot off a couple of emails and the only person to have so far relied to me is the Green Party Candidate. So I would like to say thanks to Tricia Hartley Branch Secretary Thanet Green Party.
 As for the others lets wait and see.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UKIP in fourth place

Those of you that know me will not be surprised when I say that I spend  a lot of time on Twitter. Earlier tonight I read a tweet  that someone posted stating UKIP had gone into fourth position in the polls. My response to the tweet was to reply that in my opinion they had always been in fourth place. They to me are an extension of Nigel Farrage' s little Britain thinking. And Farrage is a fourth rate free loader. His modus operandi has been to milk the EU of every penny he could whilst railing against it. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you! I must say he actually scared Cameron into calling the referendum. And I truly think Cameron was scared of UKIP it seemed that the nation had become faintly racist and I must say I can be mildly racist myself in the right company, I will share a joke in the pub about the Bishop and the Pole.
 Cameron misstook everyone's latent deep buried insular looking vision for a longing rather than the little Englander living in US all. This has been seen to be a worldwide phenomenon Europe has its far right Fascists Turkey Russia and now the good old US of A has show itself to be self centred and insular. When I say insular I mean just that. The Americans are fighting against everyone Mexican Chinese and even European' s. Trump is the number one self protection seeking proponent of hate everyone and trust no one. His form of self promotion is Twitter so maybe we have something in common. I love Twitter but I dislike the Brexit.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Woman deported after 27 years here SHAME on Immigration service

deported after 27 years
I find it amazing that we struggle to deport hate mongers such as Anjem Choudary but a mother wife who has been here for 27 years has children and grandchildren gets chucked out. There have been several dubious decisions made by the Immigration service recently  but this appears to be blatantly crass.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Is Donald Trump really a Fake President?

Trumps lies being blown away
It was put to me that all of the rants and tweets about Fake News being done by Donald Trump are to cover up that he is the real fake in all of this chaos. Trump hasn't been in office for a month yet but his fine tuned machine has developed so many faults they cannot get spare parts fast enough and then engine is only firing on six out of eight cylinders at best. Donald Trump needs to be loved and he needs adoration so much so he has called a rally in Florida tonight to massage his own ego. He hates bad ratings and needs to see he is top of the bill. Not sure that a rally of old and geriatric trumpettes is the best way to massage his ego but it obviously works for him. Rather than getting on with being President he decides to go for ratings after all when your ego is bruised you need a bit of TCL.
I can't be the only person to have wondered when he is going to stop all of this filibustering and do something, anything other than point the blame to someone else. It's the press it's immigrants it's Muslim' s it's Mexican' s it the court's. You start to see a pattern emerging? Me to, it's everyone else other than Donald Trump. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

We have heard it all before Sajid Javid

Seems like more of the same from Sajid Javid words more words and promises yet to be broken. The Government is pretty good at giving us promises and not delivering so I can see nothing different here.
EMPTY PROMISES nothing new, we've heard it all before loads of times

Bercow oppositition sounds like Tories kowtowing to Trump

John Bercow raised himself in my eyes yesterday. Previously he has been like wallpaper, there but not noticed. So when he actually said what most of the country is thinking members of the Conservative party have been swift to berate him. WHY?? He is unlike Theresa May and fawning of Trump he is recognising Trump for the Fascist he is. He thinks he can run roughshod over anything and anyone but the humble Mr Bercow has publicly given him a small amount of comeuppance. Trump is very  fragile when it comes to criticism. The people who are railing against  what Bercow has said need to look inside themselves because they will be coming up for  re election at some stage and the people who gave them the job can also  take it away and we actually have an unelected prime minister who may well have to call an election before 2020

Monday, 6 February 2017

I now like Bercow

I must admit to not being John Bercow' s greatest fan but that changed today with these simple words from him :Bercow told MPs that "opposition to racism and sexism" were "hugely important considerations". 
I now respect him and deplore those in parliament who don't. (I deplored most of them before so little has changed)
We have been to quick to massage the ego of Trump. Theresa May went down in my estimation of her. As for that UKIP pillock ranting on I have come to the conclusion he likes the sound of his own voice.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Donald Trump supporters

I am English so I know I am not qualified to comment on the ridiculousness Americans find themselves in now.It appears Trump is leading the county via Twitter. It leaves me to wonder if Trump  is qualified for the job. I must admit everyday when I wake up one of my first thoughts is what has he'd done know. It seems everyday he makes his nation a laughing stock. It is now the butt of the world jokes and things don't look likely to change as the mad man has no comprehension of what he is doing both as a so called leader and to his nation.  Trump in my opinion is used to getting his own way and he is chucking his toys out of his White House pram. I laughed when he said if something happens don't blame me blame the judges! What I expect now is a terrorism incident to back up this statement ie he will order a terrorist incident to make him look good childish I know but someone who plays with toys in a pram is hardly grown up.
I think he is a fool but as the saying goes you can't fool all of the people all of the time! Still at the worst he will only be there for another three years and forty nine weeks unless someone declares him to actually be insane rather than what we all know him to be, MAD.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Donald Trump and the world

I am sure that the nice Mr. Trump thinks he knows best, that he can please all of the people all of the time! He obviously doesn't care what the rest of the world and a huge proportion of his own country think. He knows best and his way is right! Well is it? Disregard all of the travel bans for one minute think about the economic detail of his plans. His big plans to build the wall! Mexico will not pay so we will charge a twenty per cent surcharge. Great idea but who pays the twenty per cent? Everyday American people that's who. And it goes on, twenty percentage points on imported goods from whom ever Mr Trump feels is today's villain. Mercedes-Benz BMW  the list goes on and on. Before you know what has happened all the stuff going into the good old USA will become more expensive and then what happens? Inflation comes along, it won't happen overnight it will begin to bite towards the end of year two of his presidency and even then it won't become obvious until years three and four. All I have to say to America is be careful of what you vote for because reality is unlike reality TV and you may wish Trump was fired rather than hired.