Friday, 4 November 2016

More about the condition of Kent's roads

Who's fault is it that the roads are in a state of permanent disrepair? Is it the car driver's after all if they didn't dive their cars over the roads they wouldn't  need repair would they? I know blame the lorry driver's great big heavy things weighing ever more and racing up and down our road network.
I don't blame any of the above!
I blame central government. I have driven a car all of my life, I know I cannot drive any longer yes yet another thing multiple sclerosis has robbed me of.  I have been on the road paying taxes into centralized government since I was sixteen. That's road fund licenses for forty five years. Tax on every gallon of fuel I have ever purchased and tax on oil tyres and every other consumable related to me owing a car. Now in my dottage I am in a wheelchair and being driven around in the back of a car that is wheelchair accessible and I feel every bump and lump of the road surface. The roads are in such a state it will take ten years to repair them and billions of pounds to fund those repairs according to last Saturday's Time's newspaper. What I want to know is why. Every single car lorry or motor cycle has paid in, not strictly true foreign lorries don't pay tax for using our roads and with modern day vehicles being so fuel efficient they don't even buy fuel over here it is cheaper to fill up in France with enough diesel to last the entire time they are here hence they get to use our road network for free even NOT paying tolls like the Dartford crossing.
This may sound like I am moaning and yes damned right I am. This government like countless others before it have taken our taxes and shot changed us. I can take you to roads near me here in Margate that have not been touched in eighty years since they were first made that have never had anything spent on the. A road with a hundred home must have at least one hundred cars some have two or three, my household once had five and all that tax collected gets very little in return. So yes I will moan I think in forty five years of being taxed till I squeak I am entitled to moan

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