Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fly tipping costs us all

I have a nephew who's job amongst other things is clearing up after fly tippers. Often it is beauty spots that are blighted by the thoughtless actions of others. Selfishness would be a better description but in reality it is not even laziness it is stupidity. The person has thought about how they can tip stuff and they have not been lazy just plain stupidity. How can any sane person go to the trouble and effort of seeking out a quiet spot to tip their rubbish when the council operates refuse tips open seven days a week  where it is free to dispose of their rubbish, but no people still seek out beauty spots to dedicate with their unwanted rubbish. It is despicable and criminal which brings me to the point of this post. I read today Liverpool have prosecuted more people for flytipping than any other council in the country.
I wish to congratulate them and at the same time berate every other council in the country and tell them they are failing us the people who pay and that we don't want to pay for clearing up the rubbish of the minority who think someone else can clean up after them. I want everyone to rise to the challenge. Prosecute those stupid people who blight our countryside. Clean up your act council's put them before the courts and do it now.

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