Friday, 4 November 2016

Clinton for president

I cannot stand Donald Trump so the alternative is Clinton.  See I know this stuff and I worked it out all on my own without any help from a grown up. Trim ok has flagged off women Mexican people gays and just about every minority in the USA and every Muslim anywhere in the world and still people vote for him! All I can say is if it's a protest vote you must sure be pissed with America's politics to even consider voting for Trump let alone actually going ahead and doing it. I get all the stuff about jobs etc. But if you really think Trump can give a toss about you once he was in office your more deluded than me. And I know Jack about your politics.  Clinton at least has some knowledge of the world Trump  wouldn't know if a map of the world was upside down, he can only tell now if the names of countries are up the right way! Take away the writing and he would get it wrong twice on the trot and there is only two ways  for the answer to go.

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