Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thoughts on Donald Trump

Well last night was the final debate between Trump and Clinton and I must say earlier today I tweeted that I am officially bored by the US election. That's right as a Brit I don't understand the American election process and it has got to the final stages and I am exhausted, no wonder Hillary collapsed a couple of weeks ago. Lets get round to the reason for this post. Donald Trump in my very humble opinion is on an ego trip and he appears to have kidded a lot of people to believe in his egotistical rants. Nothing new there then but I have been sitting here listening to Christine and the Queens  on iMusic. Think about that for a moment iMusic is an Apple creation and you cannot get anymore Apple Pie American than the Apple corporation.  Christine and the Queens  on the other hand is  a manufaction (is there such a word) Héloïse Letissier manufactured the persona of Christine to cope with her own sexuality and here creative desire read an interview with here given to Laura Snapes of the Guardian Newspaper
Héloïse or as I shall hence forth refer to her Christine has created this alter-ego to deal with the world and her sexuality/performer/perceptions. Christine loves her queerness and the fact that her life is a performance and I assume the same to be true of Trump and he wants to be a performer as the most powerful position in the world. The difference the stark reality is that Donald T

rump thinks he is real, he thinks he is Gods gift to the US of A and he will be able like Moses be able to find the promised land. Unfortunately I believe Trumps ideal of a promised land is somewhat removed from reality and unlike Christine who knows she is a made up mixed up star Donald has yet to come to that reality. I could go on and make further comparisons but will leave you to make up your own mind. Héloïse knows Christine is not real but I am not sure if Donald knows that he is not the messiah.
Bible in hand

Unrepentant and crowned in thorns

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