Sunday, 23 October 2016

Condition of Kent Roads

maybe this is still the KCC repair team
I know that keeping the highways and byways in good repair is an expensive business, but after riding in the car today I know it is one we are spending to little on. Our roads are becoming pothole ridden axle breakers. I find it disgusting that the tax generated by cars and lorries is obviously not being even in a small way spent on road repairs. Times of austerity is all well and good but the time to fix the roof is before it rains. Our roads are in a deteriorating state and getting worse by the Day. Given that winter is coming and frozen surfaces deteriorate we are building up for a storm that will cost a lot more to rectify than had due diligence been observed and proper maintenance been done.
Even local roads and pavements here in Thanet look like weed groves, huge clumps of grass and weeds grow on every street and Avenue. If it carries on our roads will be given green belt status rendering the repairs needed,ie those caused by these unwanted triffids covered by squatters rites legislation. We are going to see a perfect storm caused by local councillor and county council s lack of concern for our roads and pavements. I get around in an electric wheelchair but even now have to choose my routes and given the lack of maintenance going on if things get much worse I won't even be able to take the routes which I now consider as being safe.

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