Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Brits view on Donald Trump

From where I am here in Britain Donald Trump looks a lot like one of the Snow White Dwarfs, maybe not in stature but in name. Dopey Donald is what I will Christen i him. To us over here in the UK he looks like a loud mouth bully and on top of all of the loud mouth bullying he is more than a little bit of a dope. His grasp on world politics are no better than my ten year old grandsons. In fact when he was on the news today bragging about how Mexico's going to pay my grandson chirps up "but that's not what the Mexican president says" so that makes Trump a liar as well! So Dopey Donald is really no different, he tells lies, he ain't got a clue on foreign affairs and he has the charisma of a rattle snake. And he is running for president?
What amazes us Britsis that people hang on his every word and to top it all they seem to believe him! That is amazing! Now he thinks that not paying taxes is a good thing, it's not like he can't afford to pay tax. I mean he's ain't struggling to bring up the kids whist working two jobs  on minimum wage. No it's okay for the poor to pay taxes. Donald dopey Trump doesn't have to contribute to keep the country safe the poor can pay for the air force. No a billionaire don't have to pay tax for the navy. A billionaire don't have to play the tax game because he is clever just let the poor people who are scrapping a living let the pay taxes for schools and roads for fire services etc etc. Let the pay taxes

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