Thursday, 25 August 2016

Political silly season draws to a close

Well almost. Did anyone see Nigel Farrage bigging up Donald Trump?  Hardly someone who anyone should turn to for support or as for a ringingg endorsement.  Corbyn has been sitting on train floors and for me that is about it. A few more days of press stupidity and then they can hand the job of being stupid back to our political elite. After all they are rather better at it than the hacks of Fleet Street. Sounds funny referring to Fleet street as journalistic nirvana because I am sure I read an article in the summer recess that the last freelance journalist offices in Fleet street shut up shop this summer. Maybe the government spin doctors have finally cut out the middleman and will just print the spin they want rather than have some journo spoil a good lie. I am not being to cynical am I ?

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