Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Brexit and its costs.

I hear that the French wish to wave through potential asylum seekers and wash their hands of any responsibility just get rid of the problem. The fact is in my very limited understanding of the problem refugees should register in the first safe country and this would mean the only people who would qualify would be persecuted French nationals. I may be simplistic in my views but the French need to step up to the plate and deal with the situation. Registration for asylum should be done in France not where the refugees wish it to be done. France needs to get its own house in order before telling us how to behave. Any immigrant caught should be returned to France. SIMPLES as that annoying Meercat would say.

Parliment almost returns and five day Junior Doctors Stike announced

Yep the Junior doctors have given Jeremy Hunt reason enough to wish the summer recess  waseven longer. He hasn't officially returned and a notice of a five day strike has been delivered to his in tray. The silly thing about it is he seems to want all out war with the junior doctors. He will not be happy (and I can only assume he is working with the mandate of the full cabinet) until the Health Service is so broken it can be sold off.
I have just listened to Jeremy Hunt on the news at ten, what a twat, he sounded as sincere as  a cat talking to a mouse, he was as smarmy as the description given by Google for the word smarmy
ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is regarded as insincere or excessive.
If you did see him you will appreciate how he sounded

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Political silly season draws to a close

Well almost. Did anyone see Nigel Farrage bigging up Donald Trump?  Hardly someone who anyone should turn to for support or as for a ringingg endorsement.  Corbyn has been sitting on train floors and for me that is about it. A few more days of press stupidity and then they can hand the job of being stupid back to our political elite. After all they are rather better at it than the hacks of Fleet Street. Sounds funny referring to Fleet street as journalistic nirvana because I am sure I read an article in the summer recess that the last freelance journalist offices in Fleet street shut up shop this summer. Maybe the government spin doctors have finally cut out the middleman and will just print the spin they want rather than have some journo spoil a good lie. I am not being to cynical am I ?