Wednesday, 13 July 2016

She is in without stabbing anyone

Yep that was one of the main attribution' s Evan Davis gave her on tonight's BBC News Night. Hardly a glowing recommendation and pandering to those who keep banging on about she has no mandate. I think those who say about mandates are forgetting we returned a Conservative government to power just over a year ago and we still have a conservative government just a change of leadership, also we have had a referendum. She is in charge of delivering us a post referendum deal and get us the best deal on first leaving Europe and getting us a good trade deal with the rest of the world. Now I am watching Matthew Parris tell us she cannot deliver on everything, well Matthew I am going to tell you no government ever pleases all of the people all of the time. Governance is about compromise I have a different vision of the future than my brother and this referendum has set brother against brother Father against son and in the quest for equality I best say mother against daughter. There gender equality, if only pleasing every one was as easy as making sure as just mentioning gender. In reality post brexit and gender equality are a can of worms and no one wants to deal with either and I am sorry someone has to deal with negotiations and Teresa May has started putting a team together but watching the news channels you would think no one is capable of doing Jack.
Each commentator has a different spin on things and each one I have seen on the main terrestrial stations has been coming up with reason to fail. What I want to see is reason for success but maybe the reporters all went to the same school of doom and gloom.
I never thought we would vote to leave the EU but we have and now we have to cope with the consequence of that vote. Finding reasons to fail won't get us out of the situation, maybe it is early days and in the reporter's handbook they get upon leaving gloom school the next chapter covers optimism and opportunities. I hope so because much more reporting like today and I am going to tune into the children's television and watch In The Night Garden. A trip on the ninky nonk the flying farting bus is preferable to what I have heard from professional reporters today. 

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