Thursday, 14 July 2016

News reporter's less dramatically tonight

Once again I am writing this having just watched BBC NEWSNIGHT and also News at Ten. Yep I am a glutton for punishment, but like the rest of the Nation I want to know what is going on in the halls of power, after all this is all brand new uncharted territory. Last night's doom and gloom has been distilled slightly and although a certain amount of mistrust and incredulity could be perceived the one highlight for me was from Laura Kuenssberg. Speaking at the close from Downing Street she said "no one knows what is going to happen" which was the first reporter to actually be honest and say hands up we don't know. All others had resorted to the default position of making stuff up and waffle to people who voted one way or the other and as their opinions. Unfortunately the people who voted don't get a say in what happens.

I have been dipping in and out of the news of appointments as they happened all day and some people I am pleased to see go and others pleased to see appointed. If I was a cynical type of chap I would say Angela Leadsom withdrew from the election on the promise of a ministerial position but then I am not cynical am I ?

I am pleased Gove has gone and I wish Hunt had gone to  the NHS deserves better. And Boris well he is now a Buffoon on the world stage. I imagine it is because he is so well known that he got th job but let's hope he can do GB PLC right and his mad cap days are behind him.!

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