Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New era New Prime Minister

Today is the beginning of a new dawn, a new era in the history of our proud nation. How will Teresa May fair? I personally think she is the best one of a bad bunch but I do feel it would have been better had she not had a coronation, had Angela Leadsom not made those silly comments we would have had a run off between the two but she did the honourable thing. I am extremely pleased Gove never got in and as for Boris I still stand by my description of him being a Buffoon. Still onwards and upward as they say a day is a long time in politics so what will the Government look like this time tomorrow?
So much for the Conservatives what's going on with the Labour party? I expect to see more candidates creep out of the woodwork now that Angela Eagles has shown it is possible to try and overthrow an elected leader. I expect that Corbyn will still be leader and we will see some sort of break up of the Labour party possibly involving  defections to Ukip. Strange how stuff works out but it will all come out in the wash.

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