Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jeremy Cornyn on Andrew Marr show

I just watched Jeremy Corbyn being interviewed by Andrew Marr and thought how relaxed he was. He spoke very well and made a lot of sense. The Labour party are in turmoil and at a time when they should be defending the people who are being hurt by the Conservative machine. The way the Labour party are going there will be a split and with UKIP stalking Labour votes I can see a blood bath heading towards an election near you  soon.
At a time when a steady hand is needed people are circling and causing uncertainty and mischief. Jeremy may not be the mos charamystic of people but he got the membership up and at a time when people's interest in politics is at a low point.
I don't know what the outcome will be but it is a welcome distraction from the Conservative leadership election. The Leadsom campaign leader was on the same show trying to defend the fact she condemned Teresa May for being childless which is in my mind unforgivable and she cannot now carry on and should concede to May and give her the Coronation.

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