Friday, 1 July 2016

Hospital trip means no Gove speech

Four thirty Heather woke me  and got me dressed ready for the Hospital transport to collect us for a trip to Kings Hospital. We got there with time to spare. Every three months I have injections into my legs to ease the muscles to allow some movement letting me transfer safely but not become so weak I fall over. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and I am dependent upon the NHS for some quality of life. I don't like all the cutbacks because they affect me personally. Maybe if I was able bodied  I wouldn't give a dam. But I am a drain on the health service one of the many disabled who according to some politicians sponge off the government and lead a life of Riley claiming disability benefits. Well those who think that are welcome to stop lives at anytime I would love my old life back to be able to walk or run swim and dance. I will sell my wheelchair based existence in a flash, and as for the cash we exist we do not live so next time someone starts on about benefit scrounger think of me.
Still enough about me because I have been otherwise occupied I didn't get to see that Pratt Gove give his speech. Not that I missed anything. I was exhausted by the time we returned home and I promptly went to sleep. I believe he said he was the man for the job! Well he best think again because the best man for the job is a woman. Teresa May is the bookies favourite and she is my favourite. After Goves actions over the last couple of days I distrust him even more than I did previously. If you read any of these blog posts you will know I don't think much of either Gove or Johnson both are lower in the food chain than worms in my humble opinion. But he has chucked his hat in the ring after stabbing his co conspirator in the back. Neither of them were fit to govern the Tory party Boris cannot and Gove shouldn't.
I saw on last night's news at ten Gove once wanted to be a comedian well he is making me laugh. I won't ever be able to take him seriously ever!

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