Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dirty tricks smear campaign

Who would have thought it? Dirty smear campaign against fellow conservatives. Yep Twitter was awash with quotes on she said this and he said that and I spent most of the Day sleeping of the after effects of my trip to Kings Hospital. I know the supporters mean well but after Boris got knifed between the shoulder blades by Gove I had hoped for a clean contest. Teresa May is the front runner but the bookies have been wrong an awful lot recently.  Andrea Leadsom is a new name for me I have not heard about her before last Thursday and she is an outsider according to the bookies Gove probably stands no chance but after killing off Boris who knows? The others in my humble opinion are non starters but with my track record on predictions you shouldn't count them out.
What will be interesting is the Labour problems as it looks as if Corbyn ain't going anywhere so whoever draws the short straw on the Labour front has to put on his or her big pants and go head to head against the rebel with lots of causes and who has the backing of thousands of new Labour party members. This could split the party , it certainly looks like there will be blood on the dance floor.

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