Sunday, 5 June 2016

Who Should you Believe over EU Referendum

Well now I have made my mind up I will find things to support my decision here is an article from the Guardian website:-

The International Monetary Fund says Brexit would either be pretty bad or very bad. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warns that there would be dire consequences not just for Britain but for the rest of the world. The Bank of England says output would go down and inflation would go up. As far as George Osborne and David Cameron are concerned, the evidence could not be clearer. A vote to leave in the referendum would be a self-inflicted wound. They think they have won the economic argument, which is why the Brexiters are now focusing on immigration.
The remain camp’s strategy could yet pay off, but its case is not nearly as watertight as Cameron and co think. For a start, it is worth mentioning that the forecasting record of the IMF, the OECD and the Bank of England is rotten. Not one of these three august bodies was capable of predicting the 2008 crash – the biggest economic crisis in living memory – even when it was staring them in the face.

I haven't  copied the whole article but with so many august bodies forecasting imminent doom I don't wish to be responsible for  another recession or a worldwide collapse in trade. Now I do accept that the doomsday predictions could be over egged and nothing like that will happen, but there is always a but it wont be an easy ride if we do go ahead with a Brexit. Everyone is predicting a new trading treaty with Europe but we are already trading with the biggest single trade partnership in the world which is  the European Union. If they have to renegotiate I can assure you it will not be in our favour the EU will impose a tariff  widely expected to be ten per cent on all we export into the EU. Europeans given the choice of buying British will not want to pay that premium and trade will dip, by how much is anyone's guess but I am not guessing when I say it will go down. I read further on in the Guardian article that our trade with counties outside of the European Union will increase.
Well that leads me to wonder how that increase will come about. We wont suddenly become a less expensive county to trade with so how do the propose the increase will come about? The countries outside of the EU will suddenly feel the need for more Made in Britain goods? why would they want more tomorrow than they have needed in previous years? I don't know and I don't know anyone who can give me an answer. As a nation we already export all around the globe and with one or two exceptions into every country. So unless we have magically invented some new places to export to like Mars and other far flung planets we pretty well have exporting tied up. I feel I have to many question marks about the how? the when? and the where? of how a Brexit will benefit Great Britain and the United Kingdom? And because of those question marks I am going to vote that we REMAIN IN THE EUROPEAN UNION

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  1. I'm with you but mainly because I think only Europe gives us any chance of fighting for the rights of the disabled and others who are increasingly being down-trodden by the present government.