Sunday, 26 June 2016

Let's work together

It's all over and now we need to sweep up the discarded betting slips put the banners in the bin and start building our future as one and togetherness. I personally voted in but now the votes have been counted and we are out let's build the unknown into a great and stable future. Spend our time getting this exit right and pulling together.
Well I wrote the previous words the day after the referendum and now the show has gone from exit it back stabbing. I have loved today because Gove has shown his true colours as a devious snake in the grass and stabbed Boris to death but he is the least electable of any of the Tory MP's  I recon the Number Ten cat Larry has a better chance of election. I am backing Teresa May for the post of PM but gi.ven that I didn't see the Brexit coming what do I know??

Larry the cat for PM
Gove is a back stabbing fancy pants dressed up to kill

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