Thursday, 9 June 2016

I have cast my vote already

Yep my postal vote for the EUROPEAN REFERENDUM has been safely posted and should be with other postal votes as I type. I can imagine all of those envelopes huddling together  awaiting their one moment of glory. This referendum is to important not to vote. I am pleased after the website crashed they the power's to be got their fingers out and sorted the extension, it proves they can move when they need to. Normally it would take months to change a law but a matter of hours when the website breaks.
I could say to those thousands, no hundreds of thousands why did you leave the most important vote in a generation till the last seconds and minutes to do anything about it? I don't want to know! I hope you now have decided to register that you actually vote. I voted to stay in the EU because I wanted to enable Nigel Farrage to keep drawing his thousands of euro's in expenses that he pays his German wife. Surely he can see the irony  in everything he does?
I was watching Question Time on telly a few minutes ago and was amazed how straight faced he can be when he is lying. I would be embarrassed to come out with some of the lies about contributions to the European Union that he does. I worked some figures out being quoted by Brexit in my head as they quoted them the other day and they were wrong but no one questioned them. If I could do the calculation in my head and see it didn't add up what chance has the Health service got of getting any of the money they are saying they will invest. NONE
Still I used to know who quoted this but I forget him for a moment I will Google it when I finish here. All I will say is A lie can be halfway round the world before a truth has got its socks on.

Good night folks Mark Twain quoted that but said boots not socks according to Google

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