Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cameron cop out over EU referendum

How will you vote in the referendum? If you are like me you don't really know. I am not qualified to make political decisions I vote for a government to make decisions because I don't know one end of a trade deal from the other. That government has made a cop out clause and they are calling it a referendum. It is a cop out. Lots of people get hot under the collar about immigration the so called and self appointed saviour of Great Britain was Nigel Farrage, who the neck is Nigel Farrage you might be asking yourself. He was the loud mouth who blames everything on the Europeans  who come over here to work that take all our jobs and fill our roads so people are late for appointments and they are all bad send them home  blah blah blah. So our government got scared before they realised UKIP was a party of one and even the local councils who were routed are all in a UKIP mess, our government sought to appease the ukippers by offering a referendum. It seemed an ideal way of pushing the problems a bit further down the corridor. Trouble is chickens eventually come home to roost.
Those chickens are now eying up which rung to roost on, be it the remain rung or the brexit rung. All this because Cameron got scared over immigrants. He wanted to be seen to be doing his job when all the while he was rnning scared. He promised us a utopian nirvana with milk and honey and what have we got? A bunch of public school boys squabbling about in or out. They ain't got a clue but they are expecting us who don't know what is good or bad for the country to vote with our hearts. If I voted for anything with my heart rather than facts I would be in a fine mess. I need a need a new car my heart says sports car but the fact is I am in a wheelchair and cannot get my wheelchair in any sports car. If I take that same scenario into the referendum I wouldn't be ever going anywhere because yes I want a sports car but it's the wrong decision. The facts are what determine things not hearts. And I believe hearts are no way to make decisions especially decisions as big as in or out of the EU. The fact that I do know is I ain't got a clue

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