Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Boris Johnson prime minister?

I just got to thinking about Boris as PM. Would we ever elect a Conservative government where Johnson was leader? I keep thinking of Donald Trump and there is a tiny bit of me that thinks they are somehow related, well they are both completely bonkers. Trump scares me every time you think he is dead and buried up he pops again. Johnson just makes me smile because he play's the buffoon so well. He portrays the bumbling idiot so well but for all his stupid ideas like the Boris island etc. He is calculating and manipulating himself into the heart of the real political scene. He has now appealed himself to different camps by coming out as a Brexit champion, the Remain campaigners will forgive him and even some Labour supporters will back him because he is trying to be all things to all men and women, I have read women just want to mother him. Maybe a few want to smother him but he is winning on the cuddly cute appeal front unlike Trump who is as appealing as a rattle snake in a lucky dip in my humble opinion.
I personally can see Cameron stepping down if not this summer before the year end. Get the referendum over and he will be gone, he has already told us he is going so why hang around. Leave and let the fight begin.

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Boris The Buffoon

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  1. Hi Don! be thankful you're not on this side of the Atlantic. We get waaaaaay too much political news from south of the border and I find my finger is constantly hovering over the Mute button on the tv remote - as soon as Trump appears on the screen, I hit the button.