Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tories sneak out Land Registry sell-off at 5pm the night before Easter Holiday

The title of this post is a headline from the Mirror online. Osbourne up to his stupid slimy tricks again sneaking out a bad news story when he thinks no one is looking. That is to me just bad manners, he or his department thinks plans like me are just to thick so by the time Easter is over it will all be forgotten. How wrong they are, the public may not know or care about politics but they know when they are being taken for fools and believe me Osbourne thinks we are fools. He is trying to sell profitable and respected Land Registary office off to his rich pals  cheap and say look how good am I. No Osbourne your a prat selling off the family silver cheap to try and balance the books.
Land registry makes a profit and last year that profit was one hundred million approximately ten per cent of the asking price. So if it makes that in these times when in all said and done land transactions are not at the there peak. He has tried to balance the books and failed he has tried to rob disabled people and failed now he is trying something he has tried to do previously and failed because then the lib dems stopped him but now he thinks 'sneak it out under cover of Easter' but he has been rumbled. Labour have noticed the lib dems have noticed the snp have noticed. Please please please stop this man sneaking around and trying desperate measures to shore up his death throws he is discredited and foolhardy. And the sooner he is dismissed the better.

Should I stay I should I go now EU Exit

The words from the Clash song are ringing in my ears after reading this article I wrote on my very old blog which I started some eight years ago

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