Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fly tipping costs us all

I have a nephew who's job amongst other things is clearing up after fly tippers. Often it is beauty spots that are blighted by the thoughtless actions of others. Selfishness would be a better description but in reality it is not even laziness it is stupidity. The person has thought about how they can tip stuff and they have not been lazy just plain stupidity. How can any sane person go to the trouble and effort of seeking out a quiet spot to tip their rubbish when the council operates refuse tips open seven days a week  where it is free to dispose of their rubbish, but no people still seek out beauty spots to dedicate with their unwanted rubbish. It is despicable and criminal which brings me to the point of this post. I read today Liverpool have prosecuted more people for flytipping than any other council in the country.
I wish to congratulate them and at the same time berate every other council in the country and tell them they are failing us the people who pay and that we don't want to pay for clearing up the rubbish of the minority who think someone else can clean up after them. I want everyone to rise to the challenge. Prosecute those stupid people who blight our countryside. Clean up your act council's put them before the courts and do it now.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Brexit when will it ever happen ?

I voted to stay so will always give  a biased view on brexit but even as a remainer I am getting concerned about the plans or should I say lack of plans regarding our exit. No one seems to know who or what is happening! Even Teresa May had to phone the bloke in charge of the EU to reassure him we were actually doing something. I don't think we are doing sod all other than blame everything on the news x t guy.

Clinton for president

I cannot stand Donald Trump so the alternative is Clinton.  See I know this stuff and I worked it out all on my own without any help from a grown up. Trim ok has flagged off women Mexican people gays and just about every minority in the USA and every Muslim anywhere in the world and still people vote for him! All I can say is if it's a protest vote you must sure be pissed with America's politics to even consider voting for Trump let alone actually going ahead and doing it. I get all the stuff about jobs etc. But if you really think Trump can give a toss about you once he was in office your more deluded than me. And I know Jack about your politics.  Clinton at least has some knowledge of the world Trump  wouldn't know if a map of the world was upside down, he can only tell now if the names of countries are up the right way! Take away the writing and he would get it wrong twice on the trot and there is only two ways  for the answer to go.

More about the condition of Kent's roads

Who's fault is it that the roads are in a state of permanent disrepair? Is it the car driver's after all if they didn't dive their cars over the roads they wouldn't  need repair would they? I know blame the lorry driver's great big heavy things weighing ever more and racing up and down our road network.
I don't blame any of the above!
I blame central government. I have driven a car all of my life, I know I cannot drive any longer yes yet another thing multiple sclerosis has robbed me of.  I have been on the road paying taxes into centralized government since I was sixteen. That's road fund licenses for forty five years. Tax on every gallon of fuel I have ever purchased and tax on oil tyres and every other consumable related to me owing a car. Now in my dottage I am in a wheelchair and being driven around in the back of a car that is wheelchair accessible and I feel every bump and lump of the road surface. The roads are in such a state it will take ten years to repair them and billions of pounds to fund those repairs according to last Saturday's Time's newspaper. What I want to know is why. Every single car lorry or motor cycle has paid in, not strictly true foreign lorries don't pay tax for using our roads and with modern day vehicles being so fuel efficient they don't even buy fuel over here it is cheaper to fill up in France with enough diesel to last the entire time they are here hence they get to use our road network for free even NOT paying tolls like the Dartford crossing.
This may sound like I am moaning and yes damned right I am. This government like countless others before it have taken our taxes and shot changed us. I can take you to roads near me here in Margate that have not been touched in eighty years since they were first made that have never had anything spent on the. A road with a hundred home must have at least one hundred cars some have two or three, my household once had five and all that tax collected gets very little in return. So yes I will moan I think in forty five years of being taxed till I squeak I am entitled to moan

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Condition of Kent Roads

maybe this is still the KCC repair team
I know that keeping the highways and byways in good repair is an expensive business, but after riding in the car today I know it is one we are spending to little on. Our roads are becoming pothole ridden axle breakers. I find it disgusting that the tax generated by cars and lorries is obviously not being even in a small way spent on road repairs. Times of austerity is all well and good but the time to fix the roof is before it rains. Our roads are in a deteriorating state and getting worse by the Day. Given that winter is coming and frozen surfaces deteriorate we are building up for a storm that will cost a lot more to rectify than had due diligence been observed and proper maintenance been done.
Even local roads and pavements here in Thanet look like weed groves, huge clumps of grass and weeds grow on every street and Avenue. If it carries on our roads will be given green belt status rendering the repairs needed,ie those caused by these unwanted triffids covered by squatters rites legislation. We are going to see a perfect storm caused by local councillor and county council s lack of concern for our roads and pavements. I get around in an electric wheelchair but even now have to choose my routes and given the lack of maintenance going on if things get much worse I won't even be able to take the routes which I now consider as being safe.

Image taken from

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thoughts on Donald Trump

Well last night was the final debate between Trump and Clinton and I must say earlier today I tweeted that I am officially bored by the US election. That's right as a Brit I don't understand the American election process and it has got to the final stages and I am exhausted, no wonder Hillary collapsed a couple of weeks ago. Lets get round to the reason for this post. Donald Trump in my very humble opinion is on an ego trip and he appears to have kidded a lot of people to believe in his egotistical rants. Nothing new there then but I have been sitting here listening to Christine and the Queens  on iMusic. Think about that for a moment iMusic is an Apple creation and you cannot get anymore Apple Pie American than the Apple corporation.  Christine and the Queens  on the other hand is  a manufaction (is there such a word) Héloïse Letissier manufactured the persona of Christine to cope with her own sexuality and here creative desire read an interview with here given to Laura Snapes of the Guardian Newspaper
Héloïse or as I shall hence forth refer to her Christine has created this alter-ego to deal with the world and her sexuality/performer/perceptions. Christine loves her queerness and the fact that her life is a performance and I assume the same to be true of Trump and he wants to be a performer as the most powerful position in the world. The difference the stark reality is that Donald T

rump thinks he is real, he thinks he is Gods gift to the US of A and he will be able like Moses be able to find the promised land. Unfortunately I believe Trumps ideal of a promised land is somewhat removed from reality and unlike Christine who knows she is a made up mixed up star Donald has yet to come to that reality. I could go on and make further comparisons but will leave you to make up your own mind. Héloïse knows Christine is not real but I am not sure if Donald knows that he is not the messiah.
Bible in hand

Unrepentant and crowned in thorns

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Brits view on Donald Trump

From where I am here in Britain Donald Trump looks a lot like one of the Snow White Dwarfs, maybe not in stature but in name. Dopey Donald is what I will Christen i him. To us over here in the UK he looks like a loud mouth bully and on top of all of the loud mouth bullying he is more than a little bit of a dope. His grasp on world politics are no better than my ten year old grandsons. In fact when he was on the news today bragging about how Mexico's going to pay my grandson chirps up "but that's not what the Mexican president says" so that makes Trump a liar as well! So Dopey Donald is really no different, he tells lies, he ain't got a clue on foreign affairs and he has the charisma of a rattle snake. And he is running for president?
What amazes us Britsis that people hang on his every word and to top it all they seem to believe him! That is amazing! Now he thinks that not paying taxes is a good thing, it's not like he can't afford to pay tax. I mean he's ain't struggling to bring up the kids whist working two jobs  on minimum wage. No it's okay for the poor to pay taxes. Donald dopey Trump doesn't have to contribute to keep the country safe the poor can pay for the air force. No a billionaire don't have to pay tax for the navy. A billionaire don't have to play the tax game because he is clever just let the poor people who are scrapping a living let the pay taxes for schools and roads for fire services etc etc. Let the pay taxes

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Brexit and its costs.

I hear that the French wish to wave through potential asylum seekers and wash their hands of any responsibility just get rid of the problem. The fact is in my very limited understanding of the problem refugees should register in the first safe country and this would mean the only people who would qualify would be persecuted French nationals. I may be simplistic in my views but the French need to step up to the plate and deal with the situation. Registration for asylum should be done in France not where the refugees wish it to be done. France needs to get its own house in order before telling us how to behave. Any immigrant caught should be returned to France. SIMPLES as that annoying Meercat would say.

Parliment almost returns and five day Junior Doctors Stike announced

Yep the Junior doctors have given Jeremy Hunt reason enough to wish the summer recess  waseven longer. He hasn't officially returned and a notice of a five day strike has been delivered to his in tray. The silly thing about it is he seems to want all out war with the junior doctors. He will not be happy (and I can only assume he is working with the mandate of the full cabinet) until the Health Service is so broken it can be sold off.
I have just listened to Jeremy Hunt on the news at ten, what a twat, he sounded as sincere as  a cat talking to a mouse, he was as smarmy as the description given by Google for the word smarmy
ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is regarded as insincere or excessive.
If you did see him you will appreciate how he sounded

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Political silly season draws to a close

Well almost. Did anyone see Nigel Farrage bigging up Donald Trump?  Hardly someone who anyone should turn to for support or as for a ringingg endorsement.  Corbyn has been sitting on train floors and for me that is about it. A few more days of press stupidity and then they can hand the job of being stupid back to our political elite. After all they are rather better at it than the hacks of Fleet Street. Sounds funny referring to Fleet street as journalistic nirvana because I am sure I read an article in the summer recess that the last freelance journalist offices in Fleet street shut up shop this summer. Maybe the government spin doctors have finally cut out the middleman and will just print the spin they want rather than have some journo spoil a good lie. I am not being to cynical am I ?

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who is Owen Smith

Well if you want me to tell you you are looking in the wrong place, I have never heard of him until the last few days. I don't like the stuff I have heard and read about him. Google the name and then tel me who he is. I don't like Corbyn but i prefer him to Owen Smith.

Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter

I saw these on Twitter and thought I would share them. Corbyn has been absolutely right in  sticking to his plan to be on the ballot. I dont know how this will end up but I think it will split  the Labour party. I cannot say I like any of the candidates but Jeremy has the peoples vote and that is all  that counts.
Find the twitter feed here

Thursday, 14 July 2016

News reporter's less dramatically tonight

Once again I am writing this having just watched BBC NEWSNIGHT and also News at Ten. Yep I am a glutton for punishment, but like the rest of the Nation I want to know what is going on in the halls of power, after all this is all brand new uncharted territory. Last night's doom and gloom has been distilled slightly and although a certain amount of mistrust and incredulity could be perceived the one highlight for me was from Laura Kuenssberg. Speaking at the close from Downing Street she said "no one knows what is going to happen" which was the first reporter to actually be honest and say hands up we don't know. All others had resorted to the default position of making stuff up and waffle to people who voted one way or the other and as their opinions. Unfortunately the people who voted don't get a say in what happens.

I have been dipping in and out of the news of appointments as they happened all day and some people I am pleased to see go and others pleased to see appointed. If I was a cynical type of chap I would say Angela Leadsom withdrew from the election on the promise of a ministerial position but then I am not cynical am I ?

I am pleased Gove has gone and I wish Hunt had gone to  the NHS deserves better. And Boris well he is now a Buffoon on the world stage. I imagine it is because he is so well known that he got th job but let's hope he can do GB PLC right and his mad cap days are behind him.!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

She is in without stabbing anyone

Yep that was one of the main attribution' s Evan Davis gave her on tonight's BBC News Night. Hardly a glowing recommendation and pandering to those who keep banging on about she has no mandate. I think those who say about mandates are forgetting we returned a Conservative government to power just over a year ago and we still have a conservative government just a change of leadership, also we have had a referendum. She is in charge of delivering us a post referendum deal and get us the best deal on first leaving Europe and getting us a good trade deal with the rest of the world. Now I am watching Matthew Parris tell us she cannot deliver on everything, well Matthew I am going to tell you no government ever pleases all of the people all of the time. Governance is about compromise I have a different vision of the future than my brother and this referendum has set brother against brother Father against son and in the quest for equality I best say mother against daughter. There gender equality, if only pleasing every one was as easy as making sure as just mentioning gender. In reality post brexit and gender equality are a can of worms and no one wants to deal with either and I am sorry someone has to deal with negotiations and Teresa May has started putting a team together but watching the news channels you would think no one is capable of doing Jack.
Each commentator has a different spin on things and each one I have seen on the main terrestrial stations has been coming up with reason to fail. What I want to see is reason for success but maybe the reporters all went to the same school of doom and gloom.
I never thought we would vote to leave the EU but we have and now we have to cope with the consequence of that vote. Finding reasons to fail won't get us out of the situation, maybe it is early days and in the reporter's handbook they get upon leaving gloom school the next chapter covers optimism and opportunities. I hope so because much more reporting like today and I am going to tune into the children's television and watch In The Night Garden. A trip on the ninky nonk the flying farting bus is preferable to what I have heard from professional reporters today. 

New era New Prime Minister

Today is the beginning of a new dawn, a new era in the history of our proud nation. How will Teresa May fair? I personally think she is the best one of a bad bunch but I do feel it would have been better had she not had a coronation, had Angela Leadsom not made those silly comments we would have had a run off between the two but she did the honourable thing. I am extremely pleased Gove never got in and as for Boris I still stand by my description of him being a Buffoon. Still onwards and upward as they say a day is a long time in politics so what will the Government look like this time tomorrow?
So much for the Conservatives what's going on with the Labour party? I expect to see more candidates creep out of the woodwork now that Angela Eagles has shown it is possible to try and overthrow an elected leader. I expect that Corbyn will still be leader and we will see some sort of break up of the Labour party possibly involving  defections to Ukip. Strange how stuff works out but it will all come out in the wash.

New era New Prime Minister

Today is the beginning of a new dawn, a new era in the history of our proud nation. How will Teresa May fair? I personally think she is the best one of a bad bunch but I do feel it would have been better had she not had a coronation, had Angela Leadsom not made those silly comments we would have had a run off between the two but she did the honourable thing. I am extremely pleased Gove never got in and as for Boris I still stand by my description of him being a Buffoon. Still onwards and upward as they say a day is a long time in politics so what will the Government look like this time tomorrow?
So much for the Conservatives what's going on with the Labour party? I expect to see more candidates creep out of the woodwork now that Angela Eagles has shown it is possible to try and overthrow an elected leader. I expect that Corbyn will still be leader and we will see some sort of break up of the Labour party possibly involving  defections to Ukip. Strange how stuff works out but it will all come out in the wash.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jeremy Cornyn on Andrew Marr show

I just watched Jeremy Corbyn being interviewed by Andrew Marr and thought how relaxed he was. He spoke very well and made a lot of sense. The Labour party are in turmoil and at a time when they should be defending the people who are being hurt by the Conservative machine. The way the Labour party are going there will be a split and with UKIP stalking Labour votes I can see a blood bath heading towards an election near you  soon.
At a time when a steady hand is needed people are circling and causing uncertainty and mischief. Jeremy may not be the mos charamystic of people but he got the membership up and at a time when people's interest in politics is at a low point.
I don't know what the outcome will be but it is a welcome distraction from the Conservative leadership election. The Leadsom campaign leader was on the same show trying to defend the fact she condemned Teresa May for being childless which is in my mind unforgivable and she cannot now carry on and should concede to May and give her the Coronation.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dirty tricks smear campaign

Who would have thought it? Dirty smear campaign against fellow conservatives. Yep Twitter was awash with quotes on she said this and he said that and I spent most of the Day sleeping of the after effects of my trip to Kings Hospital. I know the supporters mean well but after Boris got knifed between the shoulder blades by Gove I had hoped for a clean contest. Teresa May is the front runner but the bookies have been wrong an awful lot recently.  Andrea Leadsom is a new name for me I have not heard about her before last Thursday and she is an outsider according to the bookies Gove probably stands no chance but after killing off Boris who knows? The others in my humble opinion are non starters but with my track record on predictions you shouldn't count them out.
What will be interesting is the Labour problems as it looks as if Corbyn ain't going anywhere so whoever draws the short straw on the Labour front has to put on his or her big pants and go head to head against the rebel with lots of causes and who has the backing of thousands of new Labour party members. This could split the party , it certainly looks like there will be blood on the dance floor.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Hospital trip means no Gove speech

Four thirty Heather woke me  and got me dressed ready for the Hospital transport to collect us for a trip to Kings Hospital. We got there with time to spare. Every three months I have injections into my legs to ease the muscles to allow some movement letting me transfer safely but not become so weak I fall over. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and I am dependent upon the NHS for some quality of life. I don't like all the cutbacks because they affect me personally. Maybe if I was able bodied  I wouldn't give a dam. But I am a drain on the health service one of the many disabled who according to some politicians sponge off the government and lead a life of Riley claiming disability benefits. Well those who think that are welcome to stop lives at anytime I would love my old life back to be able to walk or run swim and dance. I will sell my wheelchair based existence in a flash, and as for the cash we exist we do not live so next time someone starts on about benefit scrounger think of me.
Still enough about me because I have been otherwise occupied I didn't get to see that Pratt Gove give his speech. Not that I missed anything. I was exhausted by the time we returned home and I promptly went to sleep. I believe he said he was the man for the job! Well he best think again because the best man for the job is a woman. Teresa May is the bookies favourite and she is my favourite. After Goves actions over the last couple of days I distrust him even more than I did previously. If you read any of these blog posts you will know I don't think much of either Gove or Johnson both are lower in the food chain than worms in my humble opinion. But he has chucked his hat in the ring after stabbing his co conspirator in the back. Neither of them were fit to govern the Tory party Boris cannot and Gove shouldn't.
I saw on last night's news at ten Gove once wanted to be a comedian well he is making me laugh. I won't ever be able to take him seriously ever!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Let's work together

It's all over and now we need to sweep up the discarded betting slips put the banners in the bin and start building our future as one and togetherness. I personally voted in but now the votes have been counted and we are out let's build the unknown into a great and stable future. Spend our time getting this exit right and pulling together.
Well I wrote the previous words the day after the referendum and now the show has gone from exit it back stabbing. I have loved today because Gove has shown his true colours as a devious snake in the grass and stabbed Boris to death but he is the least electable of any of the Tory MP's  I recon the Number Ten cat Larry has a better chance of election. I am backing Teresa May for the post of PM but gi.ven that I didn't see the Brexit coming what do I know??

Larry the cat for PM
Gove is a back stabbing fancy pants dressed up to kill

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Referendum Recession would be a DIY Recession

I loved the quote 'DIY Recession' mainly because I used to work for Sterling Roncraft who's advertising strap line is 'it does exactly what says on the tin' if we as a nation pull out of Europe we will create a DIY Recession and it will be exactly that a recession we have bought upon ourselves. We have only just come out of one recession which lasted six/seven years and we want to create another period of uncertainty which could last even longer. And that isn't a question it is a fact! Boris and co will have you believe all in the garden is Rosie but just Google house prices and see what the pre referendum nerves are doing to them. Have a look at the footsie and it is up and down then down again. The market is nervous ad normally in times of uncertainty people keep their cash under the bed. Even gold I'd down, I haven't checked today (I have now it is steady)
I have already placed my vote by post and I have voted remain because of that old adage 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't ´ there is one I could use if we came out and that would be out of the frying pan and into the fire. If we go into the fire we have no idea of how hot it will be nor of how long we will be in it!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Three hundred and fifty million lies Boris Johnson

Yep that's a lot of lies and he still won't admit to being wrong. You expect it from Farrage he couldn't recognise the truth if it smacked his German wife in the face. But Johnson I thought he would lie but then to defend his lies I am not sure he cod ever be trusted so in or out I will do all I can to see he never gets into number ten.
Him and Gove are both manoeuvring for the PM' s job and they are both lying conniving snakes in the grass. Still what do you expect from politicians truth?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

I have cast my vote already

Yep my postal vote for the EUROPEAN REFERENDUM has been safely posted and should be with other postal votes as I type. I can imagine all of those envelopes huddling together  awaiting their one moment of glory. This referendum is to important not to vote. I am pleased after the website crashed they the power's to be got their fingers out and sorted the extension, it proves they can move when they need to. Normally it would take months to change a law but a matter of hours when the website breaks.
I could say to those thousands, no hundreds of thousands why did you leave the most important vote in a generation till the last seconds and minutes to do anything about it? I don't want to know! I hope you now have decided to register that you actually vote. I voted to stay in the EU because I wanted to enable Nigel Farrage to keep drawing his thousands of euro's in expenses that he pays his German wife. Surely he can see the irony  in everything he does?
I was watching Question Time on telly a few minutes ago and was amazed how straight faced he can be when he is lying. I would be embarrassed to come out with some of the lies about contributions to the European Union that he does. I worked some figures out being quoted by Brexit in my head as they quoted them the other day and they were wrong but no one questioned them. If I could do the calculation in my head and see it didn't add up what chance has the Health service got of getting any of the money they are saying they will invest. NONE
Still I used to know who quoted this but I forget him for a moment I will Google it when I finish here. All I will say is A lie can be halfway round the world before a truth has got its socks on.

Good night folks Mark Twain quoted that but said boots not socks according to Google

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Funniest thing I have seen allday dogs getting mugged

Who Should you Believe over EU Referendum

Well now I have made my mind up I will find things to support my decision here is an article from the Guardian website:-

The International Monetary Fund says Brexit would either be pretty bad or very bad. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warns that there would be dire consequences not just for Britain but for the rest of the world. The Bank of England says output would go down and inflation would go up. As far as George Osborne and David Cameron are concerned, the evidence could not be clearer. A vote to leave in the referendum would be a self-inflicted wound. They think they have won the economic argument, which is why the Brexiters are now focusing on immigration.
The remain camp’s strategy could yet pay off, but its case is not nearly as watertight as Cameron and co think. For a start, it is worth mentioning that the forecasting record of the IMF, the OECD and the Bank of England is rotten. Not one of these three august bodies was capable of predicting the 2008 crash – the biggest economic crisis in living memory – even when it was staring them in the face.

I haven't  copied the whole article but with so many august bodies forecasting imminent doom I don't wish to be responsible for  another recession or a worldwide collapse in trade. Now I do accept that the doomsday predictions could be over egged and nothing like that will happen, but there is always a but it wont be an easy ride if we do go ahead with a Brexit. Everyone is predicting a new trading treaty with Europe but we are already trading with the biggest single trade partnership in the world which is  the European Union. If they have to renegotiate I can assure you it will not be in our favour the EU will impose a tariff  widely expected to be ten per cent on all we export into the EU. Europeans given the choice of buying British will not want to pay that premium and trade will dip, by how much is anyone's guess but I am not guessing when I say it will go down. I read further on in the Guardian article that our trade with counties outside of the European Union will increase.
Well that leads me to wonder how that increase will come about. We wont suddenly become a less expensive county to trade with so how do the propose the increase will come about? The countries outside of the EU will suddenly feel the need for more Made in Britain goods? why would they want more tomorrow than they have needed in previous years? I don't know and I don't know anyone who can give me an answer. As a nation we already export all around the globe and with one or two exceptions into every country. So unless we have magically invented some new places to export to like Mars and other far flung planets we pretty well have exporting tied up. I feel I have to many question marks about the how? the when? and the where? of how a Brexit will benefit Great Britain and the United Kingdom? And because of those question marks I am going to vote that we REMAIN IN THE EUROPEAN UNION

Saturday, 4 June 2016

EU Referendum I am voting stay

There is an old adage that says "better the devil you know than the devil you don't" I can see both sides but I can also see that the likes of Gove and Johnson are lining up to become Prime Minister in the very near future. Boris is a buffoon and when I type the word into Google it describes thus :- buffoon A jackass and world class fool
Now that is not the type of person who I wish to take advice from, I am not saying he is not a likeable Buffoon but a Jackass all the same and if he becomes Prime Minister he will then have the world stage to show his capabilities as a world class fool, Heaven Forbid.
How I see Boris Johnson

I  can go on denigrating Boris but my mum always told me if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
So because I cannot say anything nice about Boris and his unbridled obsession with gaining the Conservative leadership and his allowing the afore mentioned to cloud his judgement of what is best for Britain I best shut up about Buffoon Boris and find something nice to say about that chap Gove

I am not sure I am qualified in this department Michael Gove has never endeared himself to me! I am not a fan of him nor do I like what he has done in the past, as Secretary of State for Education. He was in my opinion useless and as my my Mum said if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
so I will shut up. But before I do I must just say that for a chap who yesterday rounded his dislike for the ESTABLISHMENT heavily to all and sundry, he himself is very much part of that establishment. He must feel a right charlie when he see's pictures of himself dressed up as The Lord Chancellor 
 Now you cant get much more Establishment than Lord Chancellor but Michael Andrew Gove sounded like a petulant child slagging off the State yesterday maybe he has realised that whilst he has been playing with the clothes in the dressing up box others had realised he not only looks a burk he has achieved nothing and is aligning himself as another Buffoon. See above for description of Buffoon. Once  again I am governed by the words of my mother and she departed this earth fifty years ago  all bar a few days. But for a man who sat and read from a text or auto-cue on a Brexit broadcast just this last week telling me I would be  SIXTY POUNDS yes SIXTY POUNDS a year better off if we leave the European Union. He did it with a straight face he never smurked, he thinks I can be bought for the some of ONE POUND A WEEK (be fair it is one pound and tuppence actually)
A man who when I tried to find his net worth turned up this snippet of nice description Gove was criticised by the National Association of Head Teachers, whose members condemned the climate of bullying, fear and intimidation they claimed he had created during his time as Education Secretary.

I could go on but as I have already said MY MUM SAID if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all
I almost forgot to mention Priti Patel I saw her on TV last night and she ohhhh HMMMM  I cannot say anything else BECAUSE MY MUM SAID if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all,

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Boris Johnson prime minister?

I just got to thinking about Boris as PM. Would we ever elect a Conservative government where Johnson was leader? I keep thinking of Donald Trump and there is a tiny bit of me that thinks they are somehow related, well they are both completely bonkers. Trump scares me every time you think he is dead and buried up he pops again. Johnson just makes me smile because he play's the buffoon so well. He portrays the bumbling idiot so well but for all his stupid ideas like the Boris island etc. He is calculating and manipulating himself into the heart of the real political scene. He has now appealed himself to different camps by coming out as a Brexit champion, the Remain campaigners will forgive him and even some Labour supporters will back him because he is trying to be all things to all men and women, I have read women just want to mother him. Maybe a few want to smother him but he is winning on the cuddly cute appeal front unlike Trump who is as appealing as a rattle snake in a lucky dip in my humble opinion.
I personally can see Cameron stepping down if not this summer before the year end. Get the referendum over and he will be gone, he has already told us he is going so why hang around. Leave and let the fight begin.

 Read my thoughts on Boris the Buffoon and Gove the other wannabe 

Boris The Buffoon

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cameron cop out over EU referendum

How will you vote in the referendum? If you are like me you don't really know. I am not qualified to make political decisions I vote for a government to make decisions because I don't know one end of a trade deal from the other. That government has made a cop out clause and they are calling it a referendum. It is a cop out. Lots of people get hot under the collar about immigration the so called and self appointed saviour of Great Britain was Nigel Farrage, who the neck is Nigel Farrage you might be asking yourself. He was the loud mouth who blames everything on the Europeans  who come over here to work that take all our jobs and fill our roads so people are late for appointments and they are all bad send them home  blah blah blah. So our government got scared before they realised UKIP was a party of one and even the local councils who were routed are all in a UKIP mess, our government sought to appease the ukippers by offering a referendum. It seemed an ideal way of pushing the problems a bit further down the corridor. Trouble is chickens eventually come home to roost.
Those chickens are now eying up which rung to roost on, be it the remain rung or the brexit rung. All this because Cameron got scared over immigrants. He wanted to be seen to be doing his job when all the while he was rnning scared. He promised us a utopian nirvana with milk and honey and what have we got? A bunch of public school boys squabbling about in or out. They ain't got a clue but they are expecting us who don't know what is good or bad for the country to vote with our hearts. If I voted for anything with my heart rather than facts I would be in a fine mess. I need a need a new car my heart says sports car but the fact is I am in a wheelchair and cannot get my wheelchair in any sports car. If I take that same scenario into the referendum I wouldn't be ever going anywhere because yes I want a sports car but it's the wrong decision. The facts are what determine things not hearts. And I believe hearts are no way to make decisions especially decisions as big as in or out of the EU. The fact that I do know is I ain't got a clue

Disabled Don: A Multiple Slerosis video I found on YouTube

Disabled Don: A Multiple Slerosis video I found on YouTube: I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years but I wont let MS have me I fight it at every turn and I hope most of the time that I have a smile on my face.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

GWCT Woodcock Watch Blog: 2015 Woodcock Ringing Round-Up

GWCT Woodcock Watch Blog: 2015 Woodcock Ringing Round-Up: Chris Heward with woodcock by Chris Heward Ringing is one of the most basic, yet most useful, tools available to ornithologists. By ri...

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tories sneak out Land Registry sell-off at 5pm the night before Easter Holiday

The title of this post is a headline from the Mirror online. Osbourne up to his stupid slimy tricks again sneaking out a bad news story when he thinks no one is looking. That is to me just bad manners, he or his department thinks plans like me are just to thick so by the time Easter is over it will all be forgotten. How wrong they are, the public may not know or care about politics but they know when they are being taken for fools and believe me Osbourne thinks we are fools. He is trying to sell profitable and respected Land Registary office off to his rich pals  cheap and say look how good am I. No Osbourne your a prat selling off the family silver cheap to try and balance the books.
Land registry makes a profit and last year that profit was one hundred million approximately ten per cent of the asking price. So if it makes that in these times when in all said and done land transactions are not at the there peak. He has tried to balance the books and failed he has tried to rob disabled people and failed now he is trying something he has tried to do previously and failed because then the lib dems stopped him but now he thinks 'sneak it out under cover of Easter' but he has been rumbled. Labour have noticed the lib dems have noticed the snp have noticed. Please please please stop this man sneaking around and trying desperate measures to shore up his death throws he is discredited and foolhardy. And the sooner he is dismissed the better.

Should I stay I should I go now EU Exit

The words from the Clash song are ringing in my ears after reading this article I wrote on my very old blog which I started some eight years ago

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