Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Refugees and the UK.

What is it with the Refugees and the Conservatives, the current Government has been dead set against helping sort out a problem that was partly created by the Last Labour Government. I disliked Saddam Hussein as much as the next man but he managed to keep things on a relative even keel. And the same was true in Libya. Gaddafi May have been a maniacal dictatorship funding equally mad terrorist organisation's but you knew what you were getting. Now this lot are ignoring the fact in the most part we with a huge lot of help from the Americans made that region unsafe. Assad in Syria need our help a couple of years back. He may have been an unsavoury partner but look at the fall out from not helping. We have an even bigger devil one that is a killing machine on an industrial scale. And I for one cannot understand any right minded person wanting to support it but disaffected people  all over want to have their five minutes of fame, or maybe it is just blood lust. The desire to kill?
Weapons of Mass Destruction and the stupid actions of Blair and Bush got us to where we are today yet they are applauded as hero's yet in fact their hand are as bloody today as is any of the dictatorship' s they toppled.