Friday, 31 July 2015

Alexander Litvinenko So Russia is to blame, who would have thought it

Alexander Litvinenko died because of the Russian state decided they wanted him dead. It has taken about seven years to come up with this conclusion, most of us knew the answer seven years ago. Putin he of bare chested horse riding and all round macho man must have given the order or  at the very least been in on the decision to kill an enemy of Russia on foreign soil. I find it extraordinary that it has take all those years to come up with this answer. Russia must think that the UK is a dog without teeth all bark but no bite. The Government has to step up to the plate and show it is serious about defending people on our shores. A foreign state cannot sanction  killings here and get away with it.
Our Government has sat on its hands over this issue and it is about time someone grew a pair and instigated some sort of reprisals but as usual I doubt anything other than a strongly worded letter will be issued.

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