Friday, 31 July 2015

Operation Stack our Dave will fix it!

Nothing to worry about regarding operation stack, super Dave flew back yesterday straight to work on solving the gridlock. Swarming all over it like a well you know a swarm of bee's like cobra' s  ready to sting. He will fix it, oh no sorry I am confusing him. It's that cartoon character who fixes stuff, oh what's his name..... it's coming I tell Bob he will fix it. Superman is busy so Super Dave will send some temporary fencing. WHAT GOOD IS TEMPORARY FENCING. Send a fire engine to put out those burning tyres plus send McAlpines to prepare the burnt roads but fencing. Those guys are climbing over razor wire and he wants to send some tapes like they use in the local post office to keep crowds of pensioners in line. The crazy thing is the M20 has been at a standstill as it is used as the words biggest car park and it has been like it for the last four weeks. But no one has done anything in that time and now super hero's come back and he will fix it. Yep and pink pigs were seen tonight flying over the White Cliffs of Dover in the light of a Blue Moon.

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