Wednesday, 29 July 2015

GP' s overworked

I am wide awake at 3:00am again. I have just turned my tablet on and checked the BBC NEWS ONLINE and realised lots of news has been released since going to bed a few hours ago. Stuff the government must have put out for digestion in tomorrow's headlines, one such headline will be that GP' s are overworked and the Government have plans to train 5,000 New GP' s and the same number of support staff. Great I thought but then it dawned on me that this has not just happened. I know several doctors and they are as busy today as they were when I came into their circles fifteen years ago. Why has it only just been acknowledged we need to reduce the stress and workload? I am a huge cynic and I recon it is a good news story being used to bury bad news and on the same page is a story spun to sound like good news that the ministry of defence has The number of British army personnel has been cut back by 20,000 - three years ahead of target.
Sure enough I am now writing six hours later and no mention of the defence of our nation on any of the news bulletins. The fact that GP's are finding it hard is also hardly noteworthy let alone the damning fact we will find it hard to defend our sovereignty.

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