Thursday, 30 July 2015

A swarm of illegal immigrants

Crazy how one word can change a perception. Swarm. David Cameron's use of the word has suddenly become more relevant than the fact and yes it is a fact the unfortunate human beings are swarming in France much like bee's swarm and they are trying to cross the English channel, their destination the UK. Everyone and their dogs cats and budgerigars are decrying him and suddenly the emphasis has changed from keep the illegals out to its OK.  they are humans and they are trying to get a better life. They are conveniently overlooking the fact that these would be illegal immigrants possibly landed in Europe over a thousand miles away from Calais and could and should have claimed asylum in the first county the arrived at.
I listened to an interview on radio four earlier today when a chap was rescued from a boat in the Mediterranean landed in Italy but escaped before he could be fingerprinted because he didn't want to register in Italy, and to that point the Italian policemen never gave Chase because the don't want them. Odd the Italian government don't want them and in Calais the French police don't really do much to stop them, is there a trend starting? Don't stop the illegal immigrants let them get to England they can get sorted in Dover, let's ignore the fact they landed in Italy and have travelled more than a thousand miles. Swarm yes they are swarming to get to England because the other countries are not doing their job.

Image from Daily Telegraph of a swarm of immigrants

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