Friday, 31 July 2015

Operation Stack our Dave will fix it!

Nothing to worry about regarding operation stack, super Dave flew back yesterday straight to work on solving the gridlock. Swarming all over it like a well you know a swarm of bee's like cobra' s  ready to sting. He will fix it, oh no sorry I am confusing him. It's that cartoon character who fixes stuff, oh what's his name..... it's coming I tell Bob he will fix it. Superman is busy so Super Dave will send some temporary fencing. WHAT GOOD IS TEMPORARY FENCING. Send a fire engine to put out those burning tyres plus send McAlpines to prepare the burnt roads but fencing. Those guys are climbing over razor wire and he wants to send some tapes like they use in the local post office to keep crowds of pensioners in line. The crazy thing is the M20 has been at a standstill as it is used as the words biggest car park and it has been like it for the last four weeks. But no one has done anything in that time and now super hero's come back and he will fix it. Yep and pink pigs were seen tonight flying over the White Cliffs of Dover in the light of a Blue Moon.

Alexander Litvinenko So Russia is to blame, who would have thought it

Alexander Litvinenko died because of the Russian state decided they wanted him dead. It has taken about seven years to come up with this conclusion, most of us knew the answer seven years ago. Putin he of bare chested horse riding and all round macho man must have given the order or  at the very least been in on the decision to kill an enemy of Russia on foreign soil. I find it extraordinary that it has take all those years to come up with this answer. Russia must think that the UK is a dog without teeth all bark but no bite. The Government has to step up to the plate and show it is serious about defending people on our shores. A foreign state cannot sanction  killings here and get away with it.
Our Government has sat on its hands over this issue and it is about time someone grew a pair and instigated some sort of reprisals but as usual I doubt anything other than a strongly worded letter will be issued.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

A swarm of illegal immigrants

Crazy how one word can change a perception. Swarm. David Cameron's use of the word has suddenly become more relevant than the fact and yes it is a fact the unfortunate human beings are swarming in France much like bee's swarm and they are trying to cross the English channel, their destination the UK. Everyone and their dogs cats and budgerigars are decrying him and suddenly the emphasis has changed from keep the illegals out to its OK.  they are humans and they are trying to get a better life. They are conveniently overlooking the fact that these would be illegal immigrants possibly landed in Europe over a thousand miles away from Calais and could and should have claimed asylum in the first county the arrived at.
I listened to an interview on radio four earlier today when a chap was rescued from a boat in the Mediterranean landed in Italy but escaped before he could be fingerprinted because he didn't want to register in Italy, and to that point the Italian policemen never gave Chase because the don't want them. Odd the Italian government don't want them and in Calais the French police don't really do much to stop them, is there a trend starting? Don't stop the illegal immigrants let them get to England they can get sorted in Dover, let's ignore the fact they landed in Italy and have travelled more than a thousand miles. Swarm yes they are swarming to get to England because the other countries are not doing their job.

Image from Daily Telegraph of a swarm of immigrants

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

odd how news gets shelved

I am writing this almost twenty four hours after reading on the BBC News website about how the army has been cut in numbers years earlier than planned. THE BBC HAVE NOT EVEN MENTIONED IT ON TODAY'S NEWS.It can have only have been a cost cutting exercise saving the MOD huge amounts in its wage bill but my concern is that the cuts leave us very vulnerable. Don't get me wrong I am not wishing a conflict but with the way Russia is behaving in the Ukraine and other conflicts going on in Syria etc. We need an armed force and the powers to be just want to keep cutting away at our ability to defend ourselves. Defence is a lot like insurance you only ever notice the cost until you need it, and then you are pleased you invested in it.

GP' s overworked

I am wide awake at 3:00am again. I have just turned my tablet on and checked the BBC NEWS ONLINE and realised lots of news has been released since going to bed a few hours ago. Stuff the government must have put out for digestion in tomorrow's headlines, one such headline will be that GP' s are overworked and the Government have plans to train 5,000 New GP' s and the same number of support staff. Great I thought but then it dawned on me that this has not just happened. I know several doctors and they are as busy today as they were when I came into their circles fifteen years ago. Why has it only just been acknowledged we need to reduce the stress and workload? I am a huge cynic and I recon it is a good news story being used to bury bad news and on the same page is a story spun to sound like good news that the ministry of defence has The number of British army personnel has been cut back by 20,000 - three years ahead of target.
Sure enough I am now writing six hours later and no mention of the defence of our nation on any of the news bulletins. The fact that GP's are finding it hard is also hardly noteworthy let alone the damning fact we will find it hard to defend our sovereignty.