Monday, 22 June 2015

Tax credit cuts and Greece

I have never been a fan of tax credits I was born to soon to benefit from them, no doubt had I been able to receive money from the system I would have had a different view of getting extra cash for going to work. Unfortunately I was unable to claim  tax credits and I had to bring up my three children without the help of the claiming any tax benefits. This form of refunding money used to be available to people earning almost forty thousand pounds a year. The figure for top claimants earning has been reduced to thirty three thousand pounds but if the news broadcast' s are to be believed that figure is going to be cut. I have no problem with people getting what is available to them it is the whole  tax credit idea that I find  stupid. Talking about stupidly the Eurozone is once again wagging its finger at Greece and enforcing its requirements to enable Greece obtain finance to pay of debts to the Eurozone. . I know I have a simplistic view of Greece's problems  but Europe is lending Greece money so that it can give most of it straight back, to me that is stupidly ohh I forgot to say the Eurozone is screwing Greece by not giving the dosh until Europe has inflicted pain upon the Greek people. Masochistic if you ask me.

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