Monday, 8 June 2015

Referendum is on the cards

We are in the run up to an EU referendum and I heard in mentioned that they are working on the wording of it. How simple can an in out referendum be? But political power's have to complicate the question. Stay in or get out are the only two  things that been be on the paper but they are working on the wording. It always amazes me how complicated simple thing can become. I always used to say "if you want to go a quick thing slowly involve a committee" and the bigger the committee the slower the progress. Personally I want us to stay in the European Union. I think we will be silly to walk away from being a part of our biggest trading partners. Yes there is stuff I would like to see changed but leave not on your nelly.
Being part of a family is very much like being in the EU. Sometimes you don't like stuff other family members do but you don't disown them. To me it's seems crazy to make trading with other EU counties more difficult. I can't understand the Ukip stance of if it's foreign it is bad. Nigel Farrage has based his whole political premise on getting out of Europe because he dislikes Europeans?  Maybe. I know fellow Brits who are suspicious of anyone who can't speak English and who when on holiday in Spain just talk to waiters very loud and slowly expecting them to understand. It never occurred that people from a foreign country wouldn't be able to speak English.

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