Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thanet South Labour's Will Scobie set to win

I have said it all along, Will Scoble for the NO in Thanet South. He is the only choice! Whilst all the other candidate's have been promising the earth Will has carried on and told the electorate the truth. He lives in Thanet he was schooled in Thanet he went to church in Thanet (that's where I first met him) he used to go home on the bus. He is a local he is from Thanet and he is for Thanet. Both the Conservative and the leader of UKIP are outsiders Craig Mackinlay is the conservative and he was ex UKIP  just parachuted in as a right wing Tory up against the even more right wing Farrage. Mackinay has failed as a parliamentary candidate so often it's become second nature to loose.  And Farrage has promised he will step down as leader of Ukip but I bet he won't give up his job as an MEP he loves taking the EU Euro after all the gravy train is there his people know how to over charge them on expenses we learned that in Margate when they wanted receipts for over three thousand for a nine hundred pounds rd Bill. So much for being for the people!

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