Thursday, 28 May 2015

Queens speech wakes me up

I have not been posting since the election well that's going to change. Yesterday's Queens speech woke me up. I have all ready written about my dislike of the sell of of housing society homes in my previous post but another thing that angered me is the removal of benefits for young people 18 to 21 I have friends who are carers for some young people who have had horrendously awful starts to life and whom will never fit into mainstream society. Yet they are classed as adult at eighteen and they are turned out into the world and have to fend for themselves. I know the powers to be will say provisions have been made for such circumstances but I live in the real world and know that lots of these young people will fall through gaps in the system. As with all legislation it is made not in the real world but by dreamers within the Westminster bubble. And we all know that those cosseted individuals do not live in the real world, they went to public schools off to university and then became civil servants. They have never worked in the real world and have a notion of Utopia and they can achieve it by legislation.

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