Saturday, 2 May 2015

Postal Vote done and in the post

Yep I have beat the rush. I know everyone is going to want to get out and cast their vote in this what has to be the craziest of elections. I registered a few years back and it was a fantastic decision. I am in a wheelchair and  the reasoning behind a postal vote is obvious. But anybody can register and it takes out all of the hassle. I can remember driving home from Portsmouth to cast my vote many years ago. I did it because I believe passionately in the democratic process. My forebears went   to war to keep democracy and free speech available to me, the very least I can do is use my right to vote. If I don't vote their struggles have been in vain. I have had conversations with people who say they dont get involved in politics and I am in despair with them. Everything is to do with politics from birth to the grave everyone is involved in politics. I am not going to go over the reasons to vote any further but if you have read this far I imagine you are going to be voting if you have said you are not going to vote you have got to this far because you may be undecided, all I will say is VOTE.
Read about the story behind this picture I found on the internet here

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