Saturday, 30 May 2015

Daily Express want madness

I had the misfortune to read a copy of the Daily Express in the week. It's going on the list of newspapers not to read, along with the Daily Mail it is a short list but one to no doubt be added to.  I dislike the European Union and its unelected spokesman whom dish out laws that are beyond stupidity, I named this blog to show their ridiculousness and the ludicrously stupid and seemingly endless laws. But as stupid as the EU is I believe that Cameron can cut a deal to relax some of the stupidity put upon us by unelected spokesmen. People who have got a lot of power but can't understand the real world, these faceless eurocrats keeps churning out thousands of stupid laws  to firstly justify their existence and secondly to keep their noses in the trough. The have thousand of people whom if they never pushed the paper around would be out of a lucrative job.
I want us to stay in the EU but as with changes. British being British will obey an EU dictate to the letter. We will say oh it says that we must obey rather than go with the spirit we follow the thing slavishly.  The French look at the same thing laugh and go to lunch for three hours come back and file it and just carry on as before. Italy Spain and most others do likewise but we read it twice copy it into triplicate and obey no matter how stupid. THAT is what we need to remove from the EU, the stupidity. We need to stay in but on a different footing, I feel the Express wants the wrong way forward. We need the money and trade and that will be got easier from stay put rather than walking away.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Queens speech wakes me up

I have not been posting since the election well that's going to change. Yesterday's Queens speech woke me up. I have all ready written about my dislike of the sell of of housing society homes in my previous post but another thing that angered me is the removal of benefits for young people 18 to 21 I have friends who are carers for some young people who have had horrendously awful starts to life and whom will never fit into mainstream society. Yet they are classed as adult at eighteen and they are turned out into the world and have to fend for themselves. I know the powers to be will say provisions have been made for such circumstances but I live in the real world and know that lots of these young people will fall through gaps in the system. As with all legislation it is made not in the real world but by dreamers within the Westminster bubble. And we all know that those cosseted individuals do not live in the real world, they went to public schools off to university and then became civil servants. They have never worked in the real world and have a notion of Utopia and they can achieve it by legislation.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Housing Association sell off

Since the great council house sell offs in the nineteen eighties we have not been building enough houses. Now the prime minister wants housing associations to sell off the housing stock that they have. I wish I could have bought a council house at half the market value but when I need a roof over my head in the 1970's  the declined to house me in my hour of need. I rented a cheap flat and then bought my own house a wreck with no kitchen and no bathroom. It cost seven thousand pounds. I could have bought a brand new house for ten thousand but couldn't run to the extra three grad. Head on to the present day youngsters need twenty grand minimum to even be considered for a mortgage and the PM wants to give people who already live in a house a huge discount and a readily available mortgage (the discount will be their deposits) and then when they have all been sold off what next?
I think the sell off stinks. No council or housing society has anywhere near enough houses and now they will have to sell off what stock they do have. Do I sound bitter darn right I am.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cuts On Benefits?

Well only a couple of days into a new Conservative government and they are cutting benefits. I personally don't know anyone on twenty six thousand a year benefits but I find it strange that the first thing David Cameron does is bash those on benefits. The fact that he could have got more savings by sorting out tax Dodgers wouldn't look so good on the front page of the Daily Mail is not here nor there. He wants to look tough to his new intake of back benchers. He strode off purposefully after his photo shoot. He wanted to get back to benefit bashing. After all I am disabled and am draining the public purse. . My benefits went up by a whole one pound ninety this month. That would have been fantastic had my water bill standing order gone up by fourteen pounds. Still being three pounds a week worse off  is better than those who are having the cuts proposed else where.

Monday, 11 May 2015

We have a UKIP Council please pray for us

Well the outcome of last weeks election has left Thanet with a UKIP run council. I ask anyone reading this to offer up prayers incantations or any form of wizardry to help them do the best for Thanet. I cannot wait to see and hear the shenanigans they get up to. All I know is we have got to put up with it but don't expect me to stay quiet. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BBC NEWSNIGHT say Farrage has lost Thanet South

 Let's hope that it's true that Farrage won't get Thanet South and he will resign! An old adage springs to mind you can fool some of the people some of the time  but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Tonight  it looked like Mark Reckless will be looking his seat in Medway and even though he tried to brave it out for the BBC News camera's you could see he was a defeated man. I have  always been a supporter of Labour's Will Scobie for Thanet South he is a local born in Margate and standing in Ramsgate. How local can you get, I doubt there are many MP' s who can say that they were born and bred as close to the seat as Will Scoble. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thanet South Labour's Will Scobie set to win

I have said it all along, Will Scoble for the NO in Thanet South. He is the only choice! Whilst all the other candidate's have been promising the earth Will has carried on and told the electorate the truth. He lives in Thanet he was schooled in Thanet he went to church in Thanet (that's where I first met him) he used to go home on the bus. He is a local he is from Thanet and he is for Thanet. Both the Conservative and the leader of UKIP are outsiders Craig Mackinlay is the conservative and he was ex UKIP  just parachuted in as a right wing Tory up against the even more right wing Farrage. Mackinay has failed as a parliamentary candidate so often it's become second nature to loose.  And Farrage has promised he will step down as leader of Ukip but I bet he won't give up his job as an MEP he loves taking the EU Euro after all the gravy train is there his people know how to over charge them on expenses we learned that in Margate when they wanted receipts for over three thousand for a nine hundred pounds rd Bill. So much for being for the people!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Prince William and Kate Congratulations on the birth of your daughter

Postal Vote done and in the post

Yep I have beat the rush. I know everyone is going to want to get out and cast their vote in this what has to be the craziest of elections. I registered a few years back and it was a fantastic decision. I am in a wheelchair and  the reasoning behind a postal vote is obvious. But anybody can register and it takes out all of the hassle. I can remember driving home from Portsmouth to cast my vote many years ago. I did it because I believe passionately in the democratic process. My forebears went   to war to keep democracy and free speech available to me, the very least I can do is use my right to vote. If I don't vote their struggles have been in vain. I have had conversations with people who say they dont get involved in politics and I am in despair with them. Everything is to do with politics from birth to the grave everyone is involved in politics. I am not going to go over the reasons to vote any further but if you have read this far I imagine you are going to be voting if you have said you are not going to vote you have got to this far because you may be undecided, all I will say is VOTE.
Read about the story behind this picture I found on the internet here