Thursday, 9 April 2015

NHS and the election.

The election is still a month away so when will things start hotting up. Today the Labour party promised twenty thousand new nurses. Has anyone thought about this. Two shifts a day that works out to ten thousand, time off weekends and holidays the number substantially say by one third say to six thousand. That's not one extra nurse on every ward operating theatre maternity unit or district nurse throughout the land. Bear in mind how many nurses leave the profession each year and I am not counting the ones who leave and join a agency and are back doing the same job next week but costing the NHS hundreds if not thousands of pounds more in agency fees . I have spoken to doctors who are earning small fortunes by becoming locums. The recent NHS restructuring cost millions if not billions and has it improved the NHS? Personally I would say no. In my mind it is worse now than before the tinkering I know admissions have allegedly improved but those figures are massagd to make them look better. What I want to see is the party who will promise to improve the Health Service and then when in power actually do it. I actual fact I would like to see a party that fulfills its promises what ever they may be.

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