Friday, 17 April 2015

Election fever more like slight temperature

Here we are in the run up to the election and we are in the period normally when things start to hot up. As of yet it is only Luke warm a slightly raised temperature, the thermometer has barely raised a degree let alone shot up. Yes I know the period of canvassing and drawing up manifesto' s has been longer but you can't tell me these guys didn't know what there manifestos were going to be, they have had four years and eleven months to plan for this moment so it is hardly a surprise is it. The debates are all but over and having seen them I fear for us in the next parliament. Personally I don't see an overall majority and personalities will rub together my prediction is for another election before the years up. But what do I know? Remember I predicted Greece to be gone before Christmas.
This political malarkey is fun but the funniest bit is all the poles are predicting UKIP to go down from two seats to only one, I just hope Farrage fails to win Thanet South. I am backing Will Scobie to win the seat with the Conservative chappie coming close behind. Farrage will be humiliated and resign. But this is all guess work. I will know the answer in a few weeks. All I can say up unroll then is make sure that you vote, your vote matters.

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