Monday, 27 April 2015

can't sleep the election is so exciting

I have had a bad couple of days my MS  kicked in and I have been sleeping loads but now I am wide awake at two twenty three AM. I don't blame the fact I sweatshirt four hour out of the last forty eight it must be the excitement of the election. YAWN. is it me or is this all getting a bit slow and tedious?
It looks as if new boy Nigel Farrage is going to resign, he keeps trying to talk up UKIP' s chances but in all honesty I doubt they will get more than the two seats they hold at present or did before parliament was dissolved. Caroline Lucas seems set to retain her seat and that brings me to the scary nationalist party. Yes the Scary nationalist party want to hold who ever it is in Downing street to ransom! The SNP will not rest until they have said bye bye to the UK and rebuilt Hadrians Wall. The Scots want Labour to need them and Millibands likely enough going to be fooled that he can keep the crazy Scott's woman on side. NAHH NOT A CHANCE, but if he does do a deal it will be because of his ego not his personality.
So my prediction is if I manage to go to sleep now and hibernation lasts around six months I will be waking back up just in time for the next election and to see the Greeks exit the EU. Don't forget you heard it here first.
I am going to sleep now please wake me in October!

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