Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BBC shows UKIP on two seats

To use social media terminology LOL which means that I am laughing out loud..  Farrage thinks he  would be in a position to offer coalition support to Conservative government. Excuse me as I pick myself up holding my side's which are hurting from so much laughing. Nigel Farrage looks set to be unsuccessful in Thanet South and resign as leader of Ukip.so if UKIP manages to retain the two incumbent MPs I personally would be very surprised. I am backing Will Scobie to win Thanet South because of the fact he is a local. Will lives within the Thanet South constituency and comes from a local Family he is married to a local girl and he knows Thanet and its requirements far better than some stranger who is talking the talk but cannot walk the walk. Both Farrage' s Ukip and the Conservative candidate who himself is a UKIP defector live miles away. So when you put your cross in the box next week vote for Labour's Will Scobie. Me well my postal vote papers arrived today I will be voting well before May the seventh.

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